Thursday, March 11, 2010


PRESENT:               Bob Granstra, Roy Green, Linda Malekadeli, Norm Neher

ABSENT:                 None

ALSO PRESENT:    Melissa Barnard – Library Director; Ron Beacom-MCTV Director


I.              Call To Order

Granstra called meeting to order at 7pm


II.            Approval of Minutes

Minutes of November 11, 2009 approved as submitted.


III.          Public Comments



IV.          Old Business

a.       CAAC Goals-Beacom reviewed Commission’s goals for 2009-10.

b.      Access Channel Changes/CAP Act-Beacom reviewed process MCTV went through after Charter notified the City of Midland in early November that the four cable access channels would move on December 1st from channels 3,5,15, and 17 to channels 96-99. He discussed efforts to advertise the move.  Beacom also shared some comments from individuals in the community who forgot about the changes or had to remind themselves of where the channels have moved to. Beacom also noted that the access channels are also on digital channels 991-994.  Beacom also reviewed House Bill No. 3745, sponsored by Rep. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. It’s called the Community Access Preservation Act.  Its goal is to amend the Cable Act to give access channels fairer treatment.

c.       Cable Communications Fund-Beacom presented a budget report that indicated that revenues are coming in a higher rate than what was budgeted, primarily from an increase in franchise fee revenue. Expenses are also running at a lower rate than what was budgeted.

d.      Friends of MCTV-Beacom reported that the Friends have now raised  just over $25,000 which is just more than half of their $50,000 goal. Beacom also reported on an upcoming fundraiser, another “Muzyka” benefit concert, on Friday, April 23rd at 7:00p.m. in the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library Auditorium. There may also be an opportunity to do another “Cause Park” at McKay Press for a Great Lakes Loons game on Monday, May 31st.

e.      CAAC Vacancies-Beacom reported there are still three vacancies on the commission, two

 at-large and one media professional. One person has submitted an application to the Manager’s Office. No word yet on when Council will conduct that interview.





VI.    New Business

a.       CAAC terms-Beacom reviewed terms of each member. Only Norm Neher’s term is scheduled to expire at the end of June. Neher indicated he will not seek reappointment because he is retiring from the Midland Public Schools. It’s assumed the schools will appoint someone to his seat.


VII.   Announcements

ACM-NATOA Meeting, March 3, Lansing- Beacom reviewed highlights of the joint meeting of the Michigan chapters of the Alliance for Community Media and the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisers.  One highlight was a discussion of the National Broadband Plan that’s scheduled to be announced on March 17 by the Federal Communications Commission. There’s concern that video providers will no longer have to pay a franchise fee but instead just pay for “cost recovery.”   Another highlight was SWOCC’S negative experience in the Farmington area of putting their channels on AT & T’s U-Verse system. There were many issues on the technical side. Beacom also reported that he’s been elected the president of the state chapter of the ACM. It’s a two-year term. He’s served as vice-president for several years.


Beacom again gave an announcement about the Friends of MCTV “Muzyka” Benefit concert on Friday, April 23. The next Friends of MCTV board meeting will be on Wednesday,

March 24 at 5:00pm at MCTV.



VIII.              Adjournment

Meeting adjourned, 7:29pm

Next meeting, Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 7:00pm, Council Chambers.