Wednesday, May 11, 2011


PRESENT:             Bob Balwinski, Scott Cochran, Roy Green, Linda Malekadeli, Bob Granstra


ABSENT:               All Present


Also Present:     Melissa Barnard – Library Director; Ron Beacom – MCTV Director; Lisa Crandell – MCTV Office Assistant


I.             Call to Order:     Malekadeli called meeting to order at 7p.m.


II.            Minutes:  February 9, 2011 approved as submitted.        


III.           Public Comments: 

                No public comment


V.            Old Business:


a.            CAAC Goals:   Beacom reviewed the goals for 2010-11.


b.            Cable Communications Fund – 83% of year is completed, Revenues are a little short but if the year ends as projected,  we will be ahead by approximately $100,000.

                Tape fees are up, workshops down a little but we can still make the target. User fees are on target. Sponsorships are close to being on target for the year.

                  Video on-line is new for this budget year. Expenditures are right on budget.


c.             Friends of MCTV - Benefit concert was held in April.  50 people attended raising $400. Two sessions will be held in July and August to raise money by parking cars at Loons games.

                The Bennigan’s night fundraiser raised $80 through the public using MCTV flyers. $27,000 has been raised overall by the Friends.


d.            CAAC terms – Terms are up for Granstra & Green. They applied and were re-appointed to serve terms until 2014. Malekadeli’s term is up next year.


VI.          New Business –


a.            Video On-line Presentation – Matt Richardson, MCTV Production Director

Matt explained the MCTV On-line program and how you can look for series or specials that are aired on MCTV. 

He also spoke about our own MCTV webpage and the capabilities of on-line video from any of our channels including MPS- channel 98 and the Government channel

MGTV  96 to view ”live” city meetings.  Matt explained how to view You Tube videos about city services. 


b.            House Bill 1746 – Bill was referred to the House.  We now have a Republican co-sponsor for the Community Access Preservation Act.

                Beacom said you can show support by contacting Congressman Dave Camp to let him know you are in favor of the legislation.         


VII.         Announcements

                Friends of MCTV- Next Meeting  is Tuesday, June 14 at 5pm in the conference room in the library by the MCTV office.  Public is welcome to attend the meeting or be a Friend of MCTV.


                Budget to be adopted by City Council at their May 23rd meeting.


                MCTV will be taping High School Track Meet and the first Loons game of the season for MCTV

                next week.


VIII.        Adjournment  at 8:00pm

                Next Meeting is September 14, 2011 at 7pm, Council Chambers