Wednesday, September 14, 2011


PRESENT:             Bob Balwinski, Scott Cochran, Roy Green, Bob Granstra


ABSENT:               Linda Malekadeli, Chair; Lisa Crandell, Office Assistant


Also Present:     Melissa Barnard – Library Director; Ron Beacom – MCTV Director;                                                                           


I.             Call to Order: Beacom called meeting to order at 7p.m.


II.            Election of Officers:


                a.            Roy Green nominated as CAAC Chair. Approved 4-0.

                b.            Bob Granstra  nominated as Vice Chair. Approved 4-0.


III.           Minutes:  May 11, 2011 approved as submitted.               


IV.          Public  Comments: 

                No public comment


 V.           Old Business:


a.            Cable Communications Fund – Unaudited figures were discussed. MCTV is in good shape compared to 5 years ago.

                 Also talked about Cable and AT&T users,  along with Franchise Fees.


b.            Friends of MCTV  - Friends had two Loons parking fundraisers.  Fundraisers coming up are the Gene Anderson Magic Shows, Oct. 8th. & 9th,

                 Bennigan’s night  Oct. 13th and Honors Night on Nov. 17th.  Friends of MCTV board meets every other month.



VI.          New Business –


a.            CAAC Annual Report, 2010-11: Annual Report Highlights

                Commission was reduced from 7 to 5 members

                MCTV won 3 Philo Awards

                CAP Act – Now have a Republican co-sponsor.

                Video On-Line services now available

                Honors Night

                Green & Granstra were reappointed for three more years.

                Approved motion to accept Annual Report as presented. Will now go to City Council.


b.            CAAC Goals:   Beacom presented proposed goals for 2011-12. Commission discussed ideas to help promote MCTV.

                 Approved motion to accept proposed goals as presented.


c.             MCTV Orientation – Billy Bethune, MCTV Production Assistant

                Bethune presented MCTV’s orientation session for new access users. 


d.            2012 CAAC Meeting Dates –Commission approved proposed meeting dates for 2012. Wednesdays at 7pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.


                February 8

                May 9

                September 12

                November 14


VII.         Announcements

                Friends of MCTV- Next meeting  is on Tuesday, September 20 in the conference room by MCTV.             


VIII.        Adjournment at 8:05 pm

                Next meeting is November  9, 2011 at 7pm, Council Chambers