Wednesday, February 8, 2012


PRESENT:              Bob Balwinski, Scott Cochran, Linda Malekadeli


ABSENT:              Bob Granstra, Roy Green


Also Present:      Melissa Barnard – Library Director; Ron Beacom – MCTV Director; 



I.             Call to Order:                                                                                                                                                                          Maleadeli  called meeting to order at 7p.m.


II.           Minutes:  November 9, 2011 approved as submitted.        


III.          Public  Comments: 

               No public comment


 IV.         Old Business:


a.            CAAC Goals, 2011-12

               -Reviewed by Beacom.


b.            Cable Communications Fund

               Beacom reported 58% of the year is completed. Revenues are at 27% of what was projected because the City has collected only one franchise fee payment so far. Expenses are at 54% of what was budgeted.  The fund should see some more savings because of the position vacancy created when Office Assistant Lisa Crandell left for a new position at the Police Department. The goal is to fill her position at MCTV by April.


c.            Friends of MCTV  -


                The Friends fund is just under $30,000 at the Midland Area Community Foundation. Two upcoming events planned including the Resonators Benefit Concert on Friday, February 24 and the Bennigan’s Fundraiser on Thursday, March 1


d.            Video Franchising


               Beacom reported he recently participated in a webinar on video franchising. He was also present when the Michigan State Senate held a committee hearing in Lansing on the impact of Public Act 480 which changed video franchising in 2006.


Beacom also reported some more Democrats have signed on to be co-sponsors for the Community Access Preservation Act in Washington, D.C.

V.           New Business –


a.      MPS-TV 98-Presentation by Scott Cochrane and Billie Oliver from the Midland Public Schools






               Oliver reported that programming on the channel includes school board meetings, MPS Today, s

Sporting and special events, concerts, academic competitions, and class projects. Much of the programming is produced by MCTV volunteers.


MPS-TV also presents alerts on school closings and delays, plus a message board about school activities.  Programming is also available to watch on-line through the school district’s website.

Cochrane said they are looking into how to survey on-line viewership.


Beacom provided some history on the school channel. It launched in March 2003 but he noted school-based programming existed many years before that and helped create the demand for a separate school channel.


b.     Terms of Service


Beacom reported that Malekadeli’s term on the commission will expire at the end of June. She’ll soon need to express whether she has an interest in being re-appointed to the board.


   VI.       Announcements


Beacom reported MCTV staff and volunteers will videotape a Library event on Tuesday, February 28 at 7pm, the “Arc of Justice-Great Michigan Read Panel Discussion.”


MCTV staff will also participate at the Alliance for Community Media/NATOA Michigan meeting in Lansing on Wednesday, March 14.




VII.         Adjournment at 7:27pm

               Next meeting is March 9, 2012 at 7pm, Council Chambers