Wednesday, September 12, 2012


PRESENT:              Bob Balwinski, Scott Cochran, Bob Granstra, Roy Green


ABSENT:              Melissa Barnard-Library Director         Linda Malekadeli


Also Present:      Ron Beacom – MCTV Director, Sheri Tausk-Office Assistant



I.             Call to Order:                                                                                                                                                                          Beacom called meeting to order at 7p.m.


II.           Election of Officers

a.   Chair – Balwinski nominated Roy Green; approved by all

b.   Vice-Chair – Green nominated Grandstra; approved by all


 III.        Minutes:  February 8, 2012 approved as submitted.            


IV.          Public  Comments: 

               No public comment


V.           Old Business:


a.            Cable Communications Fund

               Beacom reported 100% of the year is completed. Revenues are at 104% of what was projected. Expenses are at 93% of what was budgeted.  The Office Assistant position was vacant from January to April when it was filled by Sheri Tausk. We have approximately 216 access users and our fund balance is growing.


               Balwinski asked a question about fundraising which will be addressed in next paragraph under Friends of MCTV. Beacom stated that MCTV as a city budget has implemented user fees, sponsorships, online video fees, and revised workshop fees, in response to a projected deficit in 2006.


               Roy Green asked if the video on-line service was anticipated to become a stronger revenue for MCTV. Beacom reported that it has the potential, as we have user friendly software to support it.


               Cochran asked where the fund balance was currently and if there were any major expenses coming up for this fiscal year that were not in budget last year. Beacom reported the balance to be around $700,000, which is healthy. He would like to update technology as needed down the road. Fees will most likely remain the same for next year. Beacom reported that there shouldn’t be much need for capital for this year, but next year we will begin replacing camera and editing equipment.


               Granstra asked if MCTV had a breakdown of AT&T viewers. Beacom reported he did not get a breakdown, but AT&T is close to 25% of franchise fees collected. Beacom provided information as to why we are not moving to AT&T at this time.





b.            Friends of MCTV  -

               The Friends fund is at $30,000 at the Midland Area Community Foundation. Recent fundraising activities have included two Loons dates parking cars at the old McKay Press building, along with a Bennigan’s event in August. No major events are planned for this fall. Friends of MCTV also raise community awareness and support. Next board meeting is on September 25, 2012 @ 5:30pm.


VI.          New Business –


a.      CAAC Annual Report, 2011-12

Approved and supported by the board


b.     CAAC Goals, 2012-13

Motion to accept supported

·        Quarterly receive report on status of Cable Communication Fund, activities of Friends of MCTV, and status of video franchising laws and legislation

·        Inform access users and public about challenges and opportunities facing MCTV

·        Inform public of MCTV benefits

·        Participate in MCTV’s Honors Night 2012


c.      ACM Michigan

Beacom reported the state chapter meeting was in Troy, Michigan this year. Billie Oliver of Midland Public Schools attended meeting. A court case involving the City of Detroit and Comcast was reviewed and discussed.


d.     2013 CAAC Meeting Dates

Approved and supported by the board

       Feb 13

        May 8

        Sept  11

        Nov 13


   VII.      Announcements

       a.     MCTV’s Honors Night, November 15, 2012

Beacom reminded all to attend MCTV’s Honors night to recognize efforts of access users. This year’s event will be held at Whiting Forest.

b.     Beacom submitted an article for the MDN in August 2012 paying tribute to Edith Doil and George Stoney.

c.      Billy Bethune, Production Assistant, has been out on a medical leave since August.

d.     Beacom reported a busy production schedule for this fall.



VIII.       Adjournment at 7:35pm

               Next meeting is November 14, 2012 at 7pm, Council Chambers