Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 3:00 P.M.,

Council Chambers, Midland City Hall, Midland, Michigan

1.    Roll Call – Chappel, Ginis, Kozuch, Lynch, Miles, Schloemann, Shaffner


2.    Approval of Minutes - Regular Meeting of April 16, 2014 – Ginis
CCA did not meet in May


3.    2014-15 Board Structure - Ginis

a.    Chair

b.    Vice Chair

c.    Committee Chairs, committee appointments

4.    Proposed Center City Façade Improvement Program - Tisdale

5.    Signs Project Update – Tisdale


6.    Public Comments (unrelated to items on the agenda)


7.    Committee Reports

a.    Governance and Sustainability Committee report – Chappel
April, June minutes attached, did not meet in May

b.    Marketing Committee report – Jodoin
May minutes attached, did not meet in June


c.    Physical Improvements Committee report – Kozuch
April, May minutes attached


8.    Report of the Chairperson


9.     Adjournment