MEMBERS PRESENT:   Gregory Adkins, Jerry Deming, David Ginis, Joe Kozuch, Jon Lynch, Clifford Miles and Clinton Struthers

      MEMBERS ABSENT:          Clinton Struthers

      STAFF PRESENT:          Keith Baker, Director of Planning & Community Development, Debbie Marquardt, Technical Secretary and Jason Geer, Chamber of Commerce and four others.


It was moved by Deming and supported by Kozuch to approve the minutes of the September 16, 2009 meetings.  Motion was unanimously approved.

3.   PUBLIC COMMENTS (unrelated to items on the agenda)






5.   NEW BUSINESS (unrelated to items on the agenda)

      a.   Northwood University Marketing Program – Baker


      Mr. Baker introduced the Northwood University Marketing Program.  The Director of the program is Georgia Abbott.  She will go into detail about the program and then Keith will review with the board about pursing the program.


      Georgia Abbott spoke about the academic fieldwork project and stated that it has been around for nine years and it is with the grad students.  This is a marketing process.  They will access the overall strategy before they spend any money on marketing.  It is a two term process.  The first term they clarify the project scope and expectations and present their strategy.  The second term they move into the marketing process and consulting with their client.  The teams do self select.  They will determine if they have interest in the project.  They will make a present and provide a market plan in a document.  The process takes four months.  It runs January to April. 


            Mr. Ginis asked what they would need from the group to get the process going.


      Ms. Abbott stated that there is an engagement document and asks for history on the organization and the causes and concerns.  They ask what types of goals and outcome they consider.  It is basically a project scope and what you think you need and some communication with her.  They want to be successful in the engagement.  On chief complaints and concerns they would like as much information as possible. 


      The Northwood field work process has a long list of clients.  They would like to have 8 or 9 clients.  Once the engagement document is returned you are on the list. 


      Mr. Lynch asked about other projects for public agencies they have done in the past. 


      Ms. Abbott stated that most of them are in the non profit sector.  They did worth with the Disability Network the past year.  They have worked with Family & Children’s Services.  They have also worked with the Christian Celebration Center Camp.  They like to work with technical organizations as well. 


      She was in a circle area business last week and noticed they had a map showing what the Center City Authority district looks like.  It is a very active corridor and has good businesses up and down the area.


      Ms. Abbott stated that there is no cost involved.  This is an academic process.  It is a great exchange for the students to give back.  They may list it on their resume and ask for a letter of recommendation.  They would rather you be satisfied with the students work.


      Mr. Deming asked if she understands what they are looking for.  Ms. Abbott stated that the engagement document will help her and give her ideas on what they are looking for. 


            Mr. Baker asked if they would like to embark on this and take a vote to proceed.


      Mr. Lynch stated that it was a great idea.  Mr. Adkins believes it is a great opportunity for both the students and for the Center City Authority.  Mr. Lynch stated that the resources with the property owners and business owners are most valuable. 


      Motion by Adkins, seconded by Kuzuch to proceed with the marketing project.  Motion passed unanimously.


      Mr. Lynch sees that all committees will have an interest of this effort.  The staff, Keith and Jason, will plug the appropriate committee at the appropriate time.  The entire board will be involved and when it gets more specific the committees will take over.


      b.   TIF & Development Plan Process – Baker


      Mr. Baker had a presentation on the development plan process.  He put a timeline together to show what will take place in the next six months.  The development plan and the key components and can be amended in the future.


      Mr. Baker showed a report card format by a means to utilize public input. 


      In January and February they will prepare a project list.  In March and April they would like to prioritize a list of projects to city council. 


            M. Baker will be contacting them prior to snow fall to do tours throughout the district. 


      Mr. Lynch commented on the time table.  November and December were to be devoted to public input.  His fear is that in terms of the retailers those months are a tough time in their activity level because it is a peak of their busy season.  Mr. Kozuch stated that January would be a better time to have the round tables.   


      Mr. Ginis stated that if they could get the tour done and move the public input until January. 


            The timeline is flexible and could be rearranged. 


      Mr. Lynch stated it is probably more important to get the process right then to hit a deadline. 


      Mr. Adkins stated that they can take the recommendations from Northwood and add that on top.  Both sets of eyes will help them out.



      a.   Economic Sustainability committee status report – Adkins


Mr. Adkins stated that their committee met once since the last board meeting.  The primary focus on this meeting was a quest from Midland Area Community Foundation.  There is a possibility and there is a process involved to make a funding request.  They need to be specific on what they are requesting the funds for and what are the tangible results.  They did review the proposed budgets.  They did get some individual line item cost estimates.  They are going to need additional details.             


      b.   Organizational Development committee status report – Struthers


            Mr. Deming stated that Mr. Struthers had the notes from their meeting.  They met once and they have another meeting next week.  They want to come up with a tool kit to give the block captains to take information in and share with the businesses.


            Mr. Geer stated that they talked about putting together a corridor wide meeting.  They are going to talk about the development plan.


      c.   Marketing committee status report – Kozuch


Mr. Kozuch stated that they met twice since the last board meeting.  The first meeting they spent the entire meeting prioritizing the budget.  They met again to discuss a signage issue and identifying the area down Saginaw Road.  Currently their website is being hosted by the Chamber and they need to get some information from staff to see a general Center City mailbox.  They also discussed having a happenings page to put down what events are coming that ties in with the web.  The Santa parade is coming up.  They will need volunteers to man the tents and heat up the cider and cocoa.


One of the block captains sent in a letter of resignation.  They are using her store as a training store so she does not have time for the marketing committee.


Mr. Lynch asked that she fill out a formal resignation and bring it to the board and they can process a new request.




      The old Paper Place building has been leased and the organization provides artistic classes for all people.  Lil Chef has been in the process of being totally renovated.           







      As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Keith Baker, AICP

Director of Planning & Community Development