MEMBERS PRESENT:   Jerry Deming, David Ginis, Jon Lynch, Clifford Miles and Clinton Struthers

      MEMBERS ABSENT:     Joe Kozuch and Christine Rapanos  

      STAFF PRESENT:          Keith Baker, Director of Planning & Community Development; Cheri King, Community Development Specialist; and Jason Geer, Chamber of Commerce

2.   2011 Calendar of Meetings

It was moved by Lynch and supported by Deming to approve the 2011 calendar of meetings.  Motion was unanimously approved.




It was moved by Deming and supported by Miles to approve the minutes of the July 21, 2010 meeting.  Motion was unanimously approved.


4.   PUBLIC COMMENTS (unrelated to items on the agenda)




a.    CCA Development Plan – Public input session review/Plan Update


Mr. Baker provided a City Center Authority Status Report.  Recent activity included incorporated revised tax capture scenarios and assumptions, making sure those were reviewed and updated by the City Assessor, improved estimates of project costs and we    have distributed the updated draft plan.


Recommended changes include tax capture chart and assumptions, minimal bond indebtedness amount and separate adoption of the Development Plan from the adoption of the TIF Plan.  Mr. Baker identified what the potential tax capture would be in this district over a 20-year period.  Initial assumptions included increase in property values from one to two percent.  Given the current state of the economy, these have been revised downward to one half percent per year.  Even with the increases in property values, there is still a time that there would be no increase in revenues due to property values.  Assuming a one-half percent increase annually, there is a smaller amount that will be captured over the 20-year period.  This included all three taxing jurisdictions that could be captured over that period of time.  There was also a column on the chart that showed the amount that could be captured by eliminating the county tax amount.


If this Board were to adopt a TIF plan today and City Council would immediately affirm that, there would still be a couple year period that there would be no funds captured.  Staff would like to get the development plan in place and get the plan affirmed by City Council. 


The next steps would be as follows:

1.    Review final draft with the Board

2.    Board recommendation to City Council

3.    Public Hearing and adoption by City Council


This would be just for the development plan.  Mr. Baker presented a timeline showing the adoption of the plan.  Mr. Lynch stated that the last time the Board met with property owners was May, 2010.  Now that there is a draft plan in place, he is wondering if there is value in discussing it with the property owners prior to moving forward with the adoption of the plan.  Mr. Struthers asked how much time is needed to assemble that and hold that meeting?  Is there any urgency that has not come out or any possible hindrance in presenting this to the City Council until after the “interested party” meeting?


Mr. Baker stated this could be held at the next Center City Authority meeting.  This could be done through a press release, a newsletter or mailing to property owners and they could attend the next meeting if they desired to review the plan prior to its recommendation for adoption.  Mr. Lynch stated there could also be written communications or telephone communications submitted, so everyone would not have to attend the next meeting.  These comments could be made available for public viewing on-line.  Mr. Miles suggested there be a review of new properties at the Board meeting in October or November so they could see what new development has occurred and what they might expect from the numbers the first of the year.


Motion by Struthers to direct staff to advertise a public hearing for the next meeting of the Center City Authority to review the draft CCA Development Plan.  It would be advisable to obtain input from property owners prior to adopting the draft and recommending it be sent on to City Council. 


Motion by Clinton Struthers to adopt the plan, but allowing for public input at their next meeting and incorporating those comments, as appropriate, into the final draft.  Seconded by Cliff Miles.  Mr. Miles withdrew his second, stating he felt they should wait until after any public input at their next meeting.  They all agree today that this is a great “draft” plan.  Motion seconded by Jon Lynch.  Motion passed unanimously to accept the plan and schedule a public hearing for the next Board meeting.


6.   NEW BUSINESS (unrelated to items on the agenda)





      a..  Organizational Development committee status report


Mr. Struthers provided Board members of a document created by the committee.  They feel they have a working document that they can now take to the block captains to get them involved.  This will provide them a “tool kit” that will assist them with their responsibilities.  He would like the Board to review the plan and provide comments at the next meeting.  Mr. Miles suggested page numbers be added to the document.  Mr. Deming asked that “revision dates” also be added to the document. 


Mr. Deming recommended that a fourth committee be established, calling it a “Beautification Committee” or an “Infrastructure Committee” to handle things like this for the development plan.  Mr. Lynch stated they should start with the Committee Charter that they have established.  Staff will come up with a recommendation as to what that committee would be charged with and how that committee will operate.  Mr. Baker will start that process and facilitate a template for that committee.


      b.   Marketing committee status report –   Jerry Deming stated Jason is working on putting together a web page through the Chamber of Commerce.  They are trying to make the appropriate changes, along with the Marketing Committee.  They want to give the Center City Authority it’s own autonomy rather than having to look it up under the Chamber of Commerce page.  Mr. Deming stated that someone had started a Facebook page for the Center City Authority and they are hoping this will be successful.  They are working on a fall holiday coupon card.  They have spots for about 20 businesses.  Wolverine Bank will also be a major sponsor.  There will be about 5000 cards printed and be distributed throughout businesses in the Center City Area.


            The Santa Parade will be coming up in November.  They will be supplying eight canopies to businesses in the Center City area and are encouraging businesses to have drinks available in their canopies for the public.  Businesses are being charged $25 for their canopies for the morning.  Five of these have been purchased, and three remain at this point in time.  These will be along the parade route.  Jason stated they have approximately 15 spaces sold for the coupon cards out of a possibility of 24 spaces.


      Economic Sustainability committee did not meet in August or September. 




      There are three new businesses open now in the Center City.  Near Smith’s Flowers, there is “A Little Bit of This and That”, there is “Happy’s Pizza, and “A&W Root Beer”.        






      As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Keith Baker, AICP, CFM

Director of Planning & Community Development