WEDNESDAY May 15, 2013, 3:00 P.M.,





Members Present: Jerry Deming, David Ginis, Joe Kozuch, Jon Lynch, Cliff Miles,
Clinton Struthers

Members Absent: None

Staff Present: Selina Tisdale, Lacey Todd


The minuets from the January 16, 2013 CCA Board meeting were presented for approval. Struthers moved, Seconded by Miles.  The minutes were unanimously approved



1.    New Business

a.    CCA Executive Director Selina Tisdale presented on the CCA Board Vacancy: noted that CCA Board members need not be within the CCA boundaries to be members of the board.


2.    Committees

a.    Governance and Sustainability Committee report – Committee Chair Clinton Struthers reviewed the April meeting even though there were not enough members present for a quorum.

                                          i.    Budget

                                        ii.    Development of Board member training program

                                       iii.    Strategic plan/annual meeting plan

b.    Marketing Committee report – Committee Chair Julia Jodoin reviewed the May 2nd minutes

                                          i.    District Mailing –database 10% return rate 33/330

                                        ii.    Sidewalk sales being coordinated with Downtown Midland and scheduled for July 11-13

                                       iii.    Signs Project Fundraising Efforts – at about 72% ($5,810) of in-district goal

                                       iv.    Section Leaders – 7 assigned (Sections 1-7 assigned Sections 8-10 unassigned)

1.    Section leaders are a liaison between the CCA members and the board for communication purposes due to the size of the district.

2.    Setting up a meeting with the section leaders to discuss what is expected of them and their responsibilities


c.    Physical Improvements Committee report – Joe Kozuch reviewed the minutes from February and April.  The committee is:

                                          i.    Looking at how to standardized sidewalks within the district

                                        ii.    Reviewing the district design/master plan development

                                       iii.    Garnering support for the signage project

                                       iv.    Developing a webpage submission form for infrastructure areas of concern within the district

1.    Suggestion that liaisons perform an inventory of concerns within their section

                                        v.    Struthers requested that the Governance & Sustainability Committee be kept up to date on the Physical Improvement Committee status on the master plan development.

3.    Report of the Chairperson – David Ginis reported on the circle petunia planting project and on the business development within the area

a.    Midtown Buyback Center

b.    Midland Graphics

c.    Therapy Corner

d.    Greek Arsenal of Fireworks

e.    Expansion of What Goes Around Comes around

f.     Subway Café into former Chemical Bank

4.    Report of the Staff - None


5.     Adjournment – 3:32 pm


Next CCA Board Meeting, Wednesday, July 17, 2013 – 3 PM