WEDNESDAY July 17, 2013, 3:00 P.M.,





Members Present: Jerry Deming, David Ginis, Joe Kozuch, Jon Lynch, Members Absent: Cliff Miles, Clinton Struthers

Staff Present: Selina Tisdale


The minutes from the May 15, 2013 CCA Board meeting were presented for approval. Lynch moved, seconded by Kozuch.  The minutes were unanimously approved


Public Comments


Accept Resignation of Clint Struthers
The resignation of Clint Struthers was recognized by the board.  Clint was acknowledged by fellow board members for his many years of service to the board and the Center City district.  Lynch moved that the resignation be accepted and that a letter of gratitude be sent on behalf of the board, Kozuch seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved. 

Discussed board vacancies.  There are currently two vacancies.  One resident of the district to fill a term expiring June 30, 2014 and one property owner, resident or business member of the district to fill a term expiring June 30, 2017.  An email with link to application will be sent to all committee members and section leaders to solicit their interest.  Wider distribution of the vacancy information will also be made to the established data base of businesses/property owners.  



a.  Governance and Sustainability Committee report – Ginis reported that the committee has been looking at a number of items including budget and Development of Board member training program

b.  Marketing Committee report – Tisdale reviewed projects being worked on by the marketing committee including:

·    updating and maintaining the center city website and Facebook presence;

·   the signs project fund drive is currently at 77% of in-district collection goal, with 30 businesses contributing and 75% of out-of-district collection goal;

·   the Section Leaders program is being revitalized.  Invited/met with section leaders in June to discuss responsibilities and projects currently being worked on.  Current section leaders are:  Section 1 Judy Seaman, the Paper Place; Section 3, Andra Ginis, Ginis Goldsmiths; Section 4, Anne Larkin, Larkin Photography; Section 5 Joe Kozuch, Village Green; Section 6 Julia Jodoin, Wolverine Bank/Ted Eastling, Cartridge World and; Section 7 Alex Rapanos, Washington Square.    We are still looking for Section Leaders for Sections 2, 8, 9 and 10.

·   continued work is still being done on the district-wide database update;  

·   Sidewalk Sales took place for both the downtown district and the Center City corridor July 11-13.  Great marketing efforts – lots of exposure.  Village Green expressed that its business was down considerably from what they are used to in August.  Hopes the Downtown District will consider moving to August in 2014.


c.    Physical Improvements Committee report – Tisdale reviewed the minutes from June.  The committee is:

·   Developing a property assessment form that can be submitted hard copy or via the internet to help assess the condition of things like sidewalks, outlawns, outlawn trees, curb cuts, etc. for property within the district. 

·   Lynch suggested that someone from planning/engineering be invited to a future meeting to give a review of current design standards and how they work/affect the district.

·   Lynch suggested that a representative from planning meeting two times a year or so with this committee just to discuss planning concepts.

·   It was suggested that the Hamilton Anderson design report be added to the website if it was not already there.

Report of the Chairperson – David Ginis reported that there are several vacant buildings available in the Circle area including:

·         The Stride Rite/Don’s Clock Shop building and;

·         The GMS Arts building;

A new permanent makeup salon will be opening soon next to the Key Shop.



 Adjournment – 3:40 pm


Next CCA Board Meeting, Wednesday, July 21, 2013 – 3 PM