Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 3:00 P.M.,

Council Chambers, Midland City Hall, Midland, Michigan


Present: Jennifer Chappel, Jerry Deming, Dave Ginis and Joe Kozuch

Not in attendance: Gary Shaffner, Jon Lynch and Cliff Miles
Staff in attendance: Selina Tisdale, Lacey Todd


Ginis presented for approval the minutes of the regular meetings of the CCA Board occurring September 18, 2013 and October 16, 2013.  Deming moved the minutes, supported by Chappel.  The minutes were unanimously approved.


Tisdale presented the 2014 CCA Board Strategic Planning for review and adoption.  Kozuch moved the strategic planning proposal be adopted for 2014, supported by Deming.  The 2014 CCA strategic planning was unanimously adopted.


Committee Reports

·         Governance and Sustainability Committee report – Chappel reported  that the G&S committee met in November to review the details of the October strategic planning meeting and prioritize their course of work for 2014.

·         Marketing Committee report – Deming reported that the marketing committee worked with the Circle Business Association and Center City district to participate in the Chamber’s Passport to the Community.  He reported that the event was a success.  Deming reported on a holiday lighting campaign that has been initiated.  He reported that the Santa Parade is coming up on Saturday and nine “adopt tents” have been reserved so businesses can provide warm drinks and refreshments along the parade route.  Deming reported on a Snow Buck campaign that would provide a coupon to participating center city businesses.

·         Physical Improvements Committee report – Kozuch reported that the signs project has reached its matching grant goal of $8,000 from in-district businesses and $4,000 from out-of-district businesses.  Flags have been placed along the corridor where the signs are targeted for placement.  The committee is working with the signs fabricator to prep the sites and be ready to install by spring 2014.  Kozuch also reported that the PI committee met with the city engineer to talk about future engineering projects in the district and conducted a property survey to assess various property conditions throughout the district with 19 properties participating.

Ginis presented the report of the chairperson – he noted that the Karate School has left Center City and that there is a new smokeless tobacco shop called Vape Shop.  The new Subway has razed the site of the former Chemical Bank on S. Saginaw Road near Patrick and has begun construction on their new location; Yogurt Yeti is open for business.   Ginis also noted, the unifying lighting scheme for the holidays is a good opportunity for the Center City district to come together.


 Adjournment 3:32 PM