Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 3:00 P.M.,

Council Chambers, Midland City Hall, Midland, Michigan


Attending – Chappel, Ginis, Lynch, Miles, Schloemann, Shaffner, Kozuch


Ginis Recognized the resignation of Jerry Deming from the CCA and
Introduced Chris Schloemann of Domino’s as a new CCA board member


The minutes of the regular CCA Board Meeting of November 11, 2013 were presented by Ginis.  Lynch moved for approval seconded by Kozuch.  Minutes were unanimously approved.


Tisdale presented an update on the signs project.  The signs project has successfully met its goal for funding with 42 Center City businesses donating to the project and three out-of-district businesses donating to the project.  Three foundations also helps support the project.  Two different sign types will be utilized:  two gateway signs placed at either end of the corridor and eight identity signs placed strategically throughout the corridor 


Tisdale presented on the Center City District, Focus Group opportunity.  The district will hold six focus groups to gather information from area business owners, property owners and those involved with the center city.   Input from the focus groups, led by Lee Rouse of Omnitech, will help shape the vision for this Center City business district and identify next steps for this district.  The focus group is designed to capture BIG ideas on how to enhance the Center City business district to make it a more cohesive, visual and drivable area.  More information can be found on the website. 


Committee Reports

1.    Governance and Sustainability Committee report presented by Chappel.  Committee is review elements of the strategic plan and worked on the development of the focus groups

2.    Marketing Committee report presented by Jodoin.
Committee reviewed recent construction and announced the opening of the Shelterhouse resale store in the district.    The committee also continues to work on establishing section leaders for the district.  Announced that the November Santa Parade – Adopt-A-Tent project was successful.  The committee continues to work with social media opportunities that continue to grow.  Recent changes to the website include:  focus group link added, directory updates, e-newsletter sign up link

3.    Physical Improvements Committee report presented by Kozuch
Working on a new meeting time for 2014, it should be announced soon.

4.    Report of the Chairperson – Ginis

New businesses and construction in the district include Subway, Shelterhouse resale store, a new photography studio and Yogurt Yeti.  Closures include Firestone Tires on the Circle.


Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm