Final Minutes
Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 3:00 P.M.,

Council Chambers, Midland City Hall, Midland, Michigan
Call to Order: 3:03 p.m.
Attending Chappel, Ginis, Kozuch, Miles, Schloemann, Shaffner
Absent Lynch
Staff Attending Tisdale, Todd
The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 19, 2014 were presented by Ginis. Chappel moved for approval, seconded by Miles. Minutes were unanimously approved
Tisdale presented an update on the Signs Project.
Tisdale presented an update on the Center City District, Focus Group. Lee Rouse of OmniTech is recommending that the survey remain open through the end of the week in hopes that more results will come in putting the total in the 50% range.
Tisdale presented the 2014-15 proposed budget. Miles moved the 2014-15 budget for approval, Chappel seconded. The 2014-15 budget was unanimously approved
Public Comments (unrelated to items on the agenda) None
Committee Reports
Governance and Sustainability Committee report for February and March meetings presented by Chappel

Marketing Committee report for March presented by Jodoin
Discussion on the sign project and the cost of adding the logo to the signs at this late stage. Discussed the possibilities of working directly with Huron Sign to add the Center City logo to the signs. Importance was placed on making sure this could be done without a significant effect on the timetable or budget.
Physical Improvements Committee report for February presented by Kozuch
Note: The Physical Improvement Committee will now meet at 4:00 following the CCA Board meeting.
Report of the Chairperson Ginis

Adjournment 3:25 PM