Quarterly Meeting

August 29, 2006

Midland Service Center


Members Present:  Williams, Swain, Rockwell


Members Absent:  LaForet

Staff Present:  Yuergens


Meeting called to order by Chairperson Charlotte Williams at 6:55 pm.


Williams moved Swain second to approve April minutes.


Yuergens updated the Commission on two options to verify passenger eligibility for reduced fare rides: 

1.      ID Cards - Currently used by Bay Metro, Saginaw Stars and County Connection.  Cards can be printed with or without pictures.

2.      Using computer software to maintain information on each rider with regard to age, ADA status, etc.  Fare type would be included with each ride dispatched.  

Either system would require passengers to complete a personal information form with a sign off from a doctor or CMH professional for ADA eligibility.  Williams moved Swain seconded to pursue the use of computer software to maintain rider eligibility.   Motion carried 3-0.


Yuergens spoke of the partnership between Dial-A-Ride and Midland Public Schools and the Midland County Education Services Agency using Dial-A-Ride for transportation for community based education classrooms and work sites.


Rockwell moved Swain seconded that staff report back to the Commission with information on how the new stadium might impact Dial-A-Ride.


Rockwell requested the John Palen receive copies of the quarterly DART commission meeting minutes.


Customer Concerns


Williams stated that the lift broke on the Dial-A-Ride bus after she and Tom had been dropped off last week.  She wanted to know if the lift had been repaired.  Yuergens will follow up.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.





Jan Yuergens

Administrative Assistant of Public Services