Approved Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2008

Municipal Service Center


Members Present -  Williams, Swain, LaForet, Carlson


Staff Present -   Murphy, Yuergens


Meeting called to order 7:00 pm.


Introductions - Dave Carlson was introduced as our senior representative on the Commission and Karen Murphy as the New Director of Public Services.


MDOT Requirements - Karen Murphy briefed the group on the need for the Dial-A-Ride Advisory Commission to fulfill MDOT requirements.


DART System Overview - Jan Yuergens gave an overview on Dial-A-Ride to help familiarize everyone with the operation.


Performance Measures – Karen Murphy provided information on Dial-A-Ride’s performance indicators, including:


·         Annual passengers

·         Annual vehicle miles

·         Cost of operation

·         Cost per passenger

·         Revenue collected from passenger fares

·         Federal, State and location operating funding


Carlson suggested seeking funds from local foundations to help support Dial-A-Ride, if the need should arise.


2009 ADA Vehicle Accessibility Plan – Karen Murphy explained the DART 2009 Accessibility Plan, which outlines each bus configuration with regards to seating, lifts, etc. and is a requirement by MDOT.  Each member signed off on the 2009 plan. 


New Computer System - Jan Yuergens presented information on the new computer system from PC Trans that Dial-A-Ride will be implementing in 2008.  Part of the preparation process for the new system requires each passenger to complete a passenger information form.  These forms are being used to create a data base of all passenger names, addresses, their individual needs (oxygen use, wheelchair use, vision impairment, etc.), ADA verification for reduced fares, and emergency contact information.  Dial-A-Ride has already had an increase in regular fare riders since the introduction of passenger information forms.


Mobility Device Securement Markings - Jan Yuergens provided information on the latest safety endeavor for Dial-A-Ride.  Special refresher training has been provided to all drivers on proper securement locations for wheelchairs and other mobility devices.  The DART safety committee is now marking passenger mobility devices with colored tape to denote the proper securement location for each device.  Currently 15 chairs and Amigos have the new securement markings and DART will continue this process throughout the coming year.


Other Business – Char Williams expressed difficulty in maneuvering her wheelchair into position on bus #88.  Yuergens confirmed that this bus did have a smaller securement area for mobility devices compared to other busses in the fleet.  Her input would be considered for future bus purchase decisions.


Next Meeting Date - Monday, June 2, 2008 at 7 pm, at the Municipal Service Center


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.




Jan Yuergens


Jan Yuergens

Administrative Assistant for Public Services