Approved Quarterly Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2008

Municipal Service Center



Members Present - Williams, Swain


Staff Present -   Murphy, Yuergens


Meeting called to order 7:05 pm.


Approval of Minutes – Tabled until next meeting as there wasn’t a quorum.


Commission Update –


·         Char Williams renewed her term as a DART Commission Member. 

·         Election of DART Commission Chair was tabled until next meeting as there wasn’t a quorum.


DART Update –

·         Dial-A-Ride has hired three part-time replacement drivers.

·         Dial-A-Ride will be going live with the new computer system June 17, 2008.

·         Dial-A-Ride will be sending three drivers to the regional bus roadeo in Gladwin and the State bus roadeo in Mt. Pleasant.

·         Dial-A-Ride has installed oxygen tank holders in all busses.  Passengers using oxygen will be required to use the oxygen tank holder unless the tank is properly secured to a mobility device.

·         Dial-A-Ride will have a bus at the Midland County Fair in August and will offer to mark mobility devices for proper securement in busses.

·         The new bus tour was postponed until the next DART Commission meeting.


MDOT Update –

·         Dial-A-Ride will be sending two mechanics to the Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Seminar.  Karen Murphy and Jan Yuergens will also be attending for one day to learn about new types of transit vehicles available.

·         Jan Yuergens is a member of MDOT’S Vehicle Equipment Advisory Team in Lansing.  This team develops bus specifications to meet transit agencies needs.  The specifications are then sent out for bid and the lowest bids are awarded the state contract for vehicle purchases.


Other Business –

·         Jan Yuergens went to Char Williams home with bus #88 as she had expressed some difficulty in maneuvering her wheelchair into position on this bus.  It was determined that the driver should fold up the back seat to allow Char more room to maneuver her chair.

·         Char Williams questioned if Dial-A-Ride would be raising fares or reducing bus service hours. Karen Murphy advised that at this time service and fares would remain the same for the 2008-09 budget year.  A public process to gather citizen input will occur in the fall of 2008 to review all City departments that receive funding from the general fund, which includes Dial-A-Ride.   DART Commission members will be invited to participate in the public process.  More information will be shared with the commission when available.


Next Meeting Date - Monday, September 29, 2008 at 7 pm, at the Municipal Service Center.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.




Jan Yuergens


Jan Yuergens

Administrative Assistant for Public Services