Quarterly Meeting

September 29, 2008

Municipal Service Center


Members Present - Williams, Swain, Carlson, LaForet


Staff Present -   Murphy, Yuergens


Meeting called to order 6:45 pm.


Approval of Minutes – Unanimous approval was made to accept the March and June 2008 meeting minutes.


Budget Update –

·         Karen Murphy gave an overview of DART’s revenue sources, expenses and potential budget constraints for the next fiscal year.

·         Karen distributed a list of the budget round table dates the City is conducting to gather input from residents for decisions regarding the 2009/10 budget.  Karen encouraged members to attend one of the sessions.


DART Update –

·         Dial-A-Ride continues to provide on-going training for the drivers to fulfill MIOSHA training requirements, City training requirements and Department training requirements.

o   MIOSHA Trainings:  lockout tag out, confined space, hazard communications, bloodborne infectious diseases, MIOSHA rights, medical record access. 

o   City required trainings:  Driving safety, fire safety, safety intervention, bee stings, slips, trips and falls. 

o   Department required trainings:  Mobility device, oxygen tank, walkers, strollers, grocery cart securements, on-the-road emergencies.

·         All commission members toured DART bus #92.


Other Business –

·         Karen Murphy shared with the group that four old DART busses that were replaced in 2008 were placed in an auction on the State of Michigan’s MiBid website.  Previously the city had auctioned the busses at the annual City vehicle auction, with busses selling for about $1,000 each.  By using the MiBid website the City received approximately $16,000 for the four busses.  The City plans sell two more out of service busses on the State’s MiBid website.


Next Meeting Date - Monday, January 18, 2009 at 7 pm, at the Municipal Service Center.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.




Jan Yuergens


Jan Yuergens

Administrative Assistant for Public Services