Approved Minutes for Quarterly Meeting

July 20, 2009

Municipal Service Center


Members Present - Williams, Swain, Carlson, LaForet


Staff Present -   Murphy, Yuergens


Meeting called to order 6:55 pm.


Approval of Minutes – Unanimous approval was made to accept the December 2008 meeting minutes.


Budget Update –

·         Murphy advised group that all departments in the City of Midland receiving general fund support were faced with budget cuts.  Dial-A-Ride implemented reductions with the following goals:

o    Do not increase fares

o    Retain core service hours Monday –Friday to enable passengers to go to work, school, doctor appointments and evening recreation.

o    Impact the least number of passengers with any service reductions

Other factors that were taken into consideration:

o    Sunday service had significant (25%) no show and cancellation rate.

·         The following changes were effective July 1, 2009:

o    Sunday service was eliminated.

o    DART will be closed on all City observed holidays which previously required drivers to be paid overtime wages.

o    Phone service hours are Monday –Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday 8:30 am – 1:00 pm.


ADA Vehicle Accessibility Plan -

·         The 2010 ADA Vehicle Accessibility Plan was reviewed by the committee. 

·         Changes noted in the plan were the elimination of Sunday Service and the change in phone service hours as detailed above.

·         All members approved the plan as written.

·         MDOT requires the chair of the DART Commission, Charlotte Williams, to sign these minutes as evidence of the plan’s approval.


MDOT Title IV Plan

·         MDOT required that each transit agency put together a plan on training and implementation of the Title IV Civic Rights Act of 1964.  The City’s Human Resource Department and City Attorney reviewed the plan.  Training and implementation of DART staff was done in July. 




Other Topics

·         Donna Swain renewed her DART Commission membership until 2012.

·         Charlotte Williams asked why the fare boxes had been removed from the busses.  Yuergens explained that putting the tickets and money in the drivers hand provided for more reliable record keeping and accounting of passenger fares.

·         Yuergens provided follow up report on why the City doesn’t undercoat the busses:

o    Current busses have an aluminum structure, sealed wood floor, and fiberglass reinforced plastic side panels.  None of which will benefit from undercoating.

o    Undercoating adds a sticky substance to the entire undercarriage that increases maintenance and repair time significantly.

o    Undercoating providers will not provide a warranty for commercial/government vehicles.

o    Our experience with nine of our 2001 vehicles with an average of 270,000 miles showed no frame or sheet metal rust issues.

·         Dial-A-Ride received a federal grant for three bus replacements.  It was decided to replace the two larger medium duty busses(1 lift equipped/1 not lift equipped)  with the smaller cut-a-way busses.  This change will also allow Dial-A-Ride to use the funds to have its entire fleet lift equipped.


Next Meeting Date – To be determined


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.




Jan Yuergens


Jan Yuergens

Administrative Assistant for Public Services



MDOT Required Signature





Charlotte Williams

Chair, DART Commission