DART Commission Meeting

Approved Minutes

Municipal Service Center

March 9, 2011



Present:  Char Williams, Donna Swain, David Carlson, Patricia Keeler


Staff Present:  Karen Murphy, Jan Yuergens


Absent:  Mary LaForet


Char Williams called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm


Meeting Minutes from the April 2010 meeting were approved.


Member Update

City Council and Council on Aging jointly appointed Patricia Keeler as a member of the DART Commission as part of an MDOT requirement for the commission.


Budget Update

Yuergens presented information on declining ridership numbers over the last three years.  A full time DART dispatcher/coordinator retired in 2010 and the position has not been filled at this time.  Questions from the group centered on DART raising ticket prices in light of the recent increase in gas prices.  Murphy assured members that at this time we are not aware of any increase in ticket prices or change in service hours for the coming fiscal year.


MDOT Update

Murphy reviewed the 2012 Accessibility plan.  Hours of service, service area and the number of busses in the fleet have not changed.  The accessibility plan was unanimously approved by the commission.


ARRA Funding Update

The City of Midland received a $90,000 ARRA grant for the purchase of mobile data terminals.  A request for proposal was sent out and responses will be evaluated by Murphy and Yuergens.  The proposal requested a 5 year cost analysis.  The current software being used by Dial-A-Ride is provided by PC Trans.  PC Trans does not allow other companies to integrate their mobile data terminals with the PC Trans software.  This meant that some proposals received also included licensing fees for new dispatch software.  After reviewing all materials a contract will be awarded and the mobile data terminals should be operational by the end of the year. 


Title VI Update

The City of Midland Dial-A-Ride updated their Title VI complaint form and provided copies of the old and new form for the committee to review.  Yuergens reported there had been a recent Title VI complaint from a passenger that lived in an apartment complex where DART only provides service at the curb.  Our response to the complaint has been submitted by the City Attorney’s office to the U. S. Department of Justice.  A ruling has not been made.


Public Comment

Donna Swain reported that she saw a Dial-A-Ride driver smoking in a bus without any passengers.  Yuergens stated that it is against City policy to smoke in any City vehicle.  If anyone should see a driver smoking in a bus they should report the time of day and bus number to Yuergens for follow up.



Meeting was adjourned at 12:40 pm.




Jan Yuergens


Jan Yuergens

Assistant Director of Public Services



MDOT Required Signature





Charlotte Williams

Chair, DART Commission