Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 3:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, City Hall – Midland, Michigan



Information on each highlighted agenda item is available by clicking on the description of that item


1.      Roll Call: Anderson, Brines, Cline, Hayes, Liveris, Lynch, McGuire, Pomeroy, Rabbage, Riecker, Ruhle, Wallin


2.      Approval of the Agenda


3.      Approval of the DDA minutes from the meeting of August 12, 2009


4.   July Financial Reports


4.      Public Comments may be made on any agenda item at the time of the items  

Discussion on the agenda


      6.  Reports

(a)  Design Committee Report –August 25th meeting

(b)  Organization Committee Report –September 2nd meeting – Action Item – approve 2009-2010 meeting schedule.

(c)    Strategic Planning Update Report – Action Item – Committee appointments

(d)   Personnel Report

(e)    Midland Downtown Business Association Report – August 2009 meeting


7.   Public Comments for Non-Agenda Items


8.   Old Business


9.   New Business

a)      September / October 2009 Events

b)      September / October Meeting Dates

c)      Introduction of Draft Bylaws for possible October 9th approval


      10.  Adjourn