Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 3:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall Midland, MI



1.      Roll Call: Anderson, Brines, Cline, Hayes, Lynch, McGuire, Pomeroy, Rabbage, Riecker, Ruhle, Thompson, Wallin

2.      Approval of the DDA Minutes from the meeting of February 10, 2010
(DDA did not meet in March 2010)

3.      January and February Financial Report Tisdale


4.      Sculpture Series Update Cheryl Smith


5.      Downtown Midland Spring Plantings Stephanie Szostak

6.      Reports

1.      Executive Committee

                                                              i.      Expiring Board Terms/Vacancies

                                                            ii.      Nominating Committee for Chair and Vice Chair

2.      Economic Sustainability Committee

                                                              i.      Proposed changes to the Downtown Midland Incubator Guidelines

3.      Communications Committee

4.      Budget and Finance Committee

                                                              i.      Review and adoption of DDA Budget

5.      Midland Downtown Business Association Report

7.      Public comments regarding items that are not on this agenda

8.      New Business

         April/May 2010 Events and Meeting Dates

9.      Adjourn