Tony Kulick read Roll Call.


PRESENT:     DDA MEMBERS -   Jenny Anderson, Bo Brines, Mike Hayes, Jon Lynch, Jack McCandless, Sue Rabbag, Ranny Riecker, Mark Ruhle, Jim Stamas, Claudia Wallin


ABSENT:       Paula Liveris, Marty McGuire


Present:          STAFF – Tony Kulick, Keith Baker, Margaret Maday, Stephanie Szostak, Daryl Poprave


PRESENT:     OTHERS – John Palen (Midland Issues), Cheryl Wade (Midland Daily News)


Wallin called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.


  1. Approval of past meeting minutes.

M/S Riecker / Lynch to approve the May 14, 2008 minutes as presented.

Approved unanimously.


  1. Financial Reports for May 2008.

Maday presented the May 2008 financial statement.

M / S Riecker /                         to approve the financials as submitted.

Approved unanimously.


  1. Reports.


    1. Creating Cool Committee.


Wallin reported on upcoming downtown events:

      June 14 visit by the travel queen

      June 14 Highland Festival

      June 15 -17 Midwest league All Star Game

      Weekly Tunes By the Tridge – Thursday evenings

      Weekly Artist Market – Thursday evenings

      Weekly Farmers Market – Wednesday and Saturday

      Summer of the Dragon Art in Public Places

      MCV Summer Solstice Stroll – Saturday June 21, 2008

Fourth of July fire works




b)      Design Committee


Anderson reported that the downtown benches are completed and four more have been ordered for the area by the Tridge.


Baker reported that the four additional benched have been fabricated and may be installed next week if it can be coordinated round all the events that will be taking place.  He also reported hat the kiosks are due by the end of the month and one additional way finding sign is yet to be installed in front of the “H”.


Szostak reported that all the beds have been planted, hanging baskets installed and large pots placed this year.  Her crew will be busy weeding, mowing and keeping the downtown looking good.


Anderson reported that the Riverfront design group will meet July 8, 2008.


c)      Organization Committee


Wallen reported that that she had met with Kulick and Baker to give Kulick the history and  background of the committee.


d)      Economic Restructuring


Hayes reported on properties available for rent, lease or sale in the downtown.  He attended Rich Pomeoy’s open house for his new loft apartment and spoke of the high quality of the development.


Hayes reported that the city has released the request for proposals on the housing study.   The proposals are due July 1, 2008, it should take 6 – 8 weeks to complete the study.



Hayes reported on the Economic Restructuring meeting yesterday, the committee continued discussing the need for a consultant to help with identifying possible new retail businesses in the downtown.  He reported that the Midland is looking in hiring a consultant to identify retail businesses in the city and this is an opportunity to partner with the Chamber.


M / S Hayes / Rieker


The Downtown Development Authority has the role of promoting retail development in the downtown district and funds have been budgeted to develop a retail market analysis for the downtown.  The Economic Restructuring Committee has been studying the issue along with the Midland Chamber of Commerce and has recommended that the Downtown Development Authority allocate up to $40,000 to partner with the Chamber to hire a consultant and have a downtown retail market analysis performed.


The Downtown Development Authority allocates up to $40,000 for the purpose of having a downtown market analysis prepared in partnership with the Midland Chamber of Commerce.


Hayes continued on how the analysis will do more that simply identify types of businesses, but will actually provide specific companies and key contact persons in those targeted companies.


Discussion continued on the motion on how analysis will benefit the downtown, how it will provide recognition to the community from regional and national firms that have currently written all of Michigan off for new investment and be more efficient than doing the analysis without partnering.


Motion approved unanimously.


e)      Midland Downtown Business Association


Kulick reported on the upcoming events:

            Main Street Marketplace – Sidewalk Sales – July 10 – 12

            MDBA Annual Dinner July 29


  1. Public Comments




  1. Old Business



      6. Adjourn


M / S Stamas / Hayes

                       To adjourn the meeting.


Approved unanimously


                       The meting adjourned at 3:43 p.m.