Downtown Development Authority

Riverfront Redevelopment Workshop - July 08, 2008

Dow Diamond


DDA Members Present: Bo Brines, Mike Hayes, Paula Liveris, Jon Lynch, Jack McCandless, Marty McGuire, Claudia Wallin, Sue Rabbage, Ranny Rieker, Mark Ruhle, Jim Stamas, Jenny Anderson

Stakeholders Present: Ned Brandt, Linda Stavropoulos, Cassie Gambrell, Neil Hershfield, Jan McGuire, Terry Moore, Joe Garrison, Doug Koop, Jenee Velasquez, Bo Miller, Alan Ott, Bobbie Arnold, Jim Bradley, Lynne Luongo, Gretchen Pretty, Rick Reynolds

Staff Present:  Keith Baker, Tony Kulick

Facilitators:  Kent Anderson, Lori Singleton

Press:  John Palen, Midland Issues


The facilitators welcomed all attendees.  They reported that the attendees will try to develop a preferred plan for redevelopment of the riverfront in downtown Midland.  The attendees broke up into groups and identified what sorts of activities and redevelopment they would like to see take place along the riverfront.   The groups reported back to the facilitators the types of redevelopment and activities they would like to see take place. 

The facilitators polled the attendees to see which ideas had the strongest support.  They sketched the preferred plans and shared the plans with the attendees. 

The facilitators were charged with developing a magnitude of cost estimates for the proposed redevelopment and to prepare a more formal illustration of how the redevelopment would look.

The meeting adjourned at 4 pm.