Tony Kulick read Roll Call.


PRESENT:    DDA MEMBERS - Mike Hayes, Jon Lynch, Jack McCandless, 

Marty McGuire, Sue Rabbage, Ranny Rieker, Claudia Wallin


ABSENT:      Jenny Anderson, Bo Brines, Paula Liveris, Mark Rhule, Jim Stamas,          


Present:          STAFF – Tony Kulick, Keith Baker, Margaret Maday, Stephanie Szostak, Denise Hufford, Reid Duford


PRESENT:    OTHERS – John Palen (Midland Issues)


Wallin called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. – a quorum was present


  1. Approval of the June 11 and July 9 meeting minutes.

M/S  Rabbage/Hayes.    To approve the minutes as submitted.

Approved Unanimously


2.      Financial Reports for June and July 2008.

Margaret Maday presented the year end unaudited report for the month ending June 30 2008.  She reported a fund balance of $871,050.


She also reported on the financials for the month ending July 31, 2008. This report represented 8% of the 2008 – 2009 budget year.  She reported a fund balance of $826,487.


M/S Riecker/Lynch to accept and file the Financial Reports

Approved Unanimously


  1. Reports.


    1. Design Committee


Kulick reported that the Design Committee acknowledge completion of the informational kiosk program, were awaiting additional follow up on the Riverfront Design Work Shop, discussed signs in the flower bed Downtown, is investigating expansion of sidewalk café style seating, and discussed a temporary sidewalk closure necessary for the redevelopment of the Artful Dodger on Main Street.

Stephanie reported that all the flowers are doing well since warm weather is here.  There is no evidence of the fungus from prior years.  The fall Mums have been ordered.   


b)     Organization  Committee


Wallin reported that the Committee met and made several referrals to other committees.  Those referrals included new economic development tools passed by the State Legislature – referred to the Economic Restructuring Committee, Courtesy Parking Pass Program –referred to the MDBA Physical Improvement Committee, Downtown web site analytical tools- referred to the Creating Cool Committee and Surrey Rentals referred to the Creating Cool Committee.


Reid Dufford presented a report to the DDA Board concerning the Action Item on the Agenda.  He reported the history of the tax appeals on the downtown hotel and how the Tax Tribunal addressed each year and consolidated several years of appeals into one consent judgment.  He reported that the entire amount of the settlement including interest is $130,832.00.  He reported that he is putting in place a procedure whereby the DDA will be kept informed of all pending Tax Appeals in the district.


M/S Riecker/McCandless.  To authorize payment of $130,832.00 as stipulated in the Michigan Tax Tribunal Consent Judgment.

Approved Unanimously


c.       Economic Restructuring Committee


Hayes reported on the available property for rent or sale in the downtown.  He reported that the Artful Dodger has started its building renovation.  He reported on the committee’s August 12th meeting.  They received copies of new economic development tools and have asked staff to prepare reports on a few of these each month on the DDA could best use the tools.  He reported that the Housing and Buxton studies are on schedule and the ER Committee is eagerly awaiting receipt so it can use the information.


d.      Creating Cool Committee


Kulick reported that the committee did not meet in July. At yesterday’s meeting the discussed the upcoming Dragon Auction on September 18 the public is invited.  They also discussed Surrey rentals, iceless ice rinks. Minutes will be presented to the Board at the September meeting.




Kulick reported on the Legacy Awards.  He also reported that the Rock the Tridge event will take place tomorrow evening, also coming up will be the Cruise ‘n Car Show on September 12th and the Chili and Salsa Taste-off on September 20th.


4.      Public Comments




  1. Old Business






  1. Adjourn

M/S Riecker/McCandless to adjourn the meeting

Approved Unanimously

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm