Tony Kulick read Roll Call.


PRESENT:    Jenny Anderson, Bo Brines, Mike Hayes, Jon Lynch, Marty McGuire, Sue Rabbage, Rich Pomeroy, Ranny Rieker, Mark Ruhle, Claudia Wallin,


ABSENT:      Paula Liveris, Jack McCandless, Keith Winter


STAFF PRESENT: Tony Kulick, Keith Baker


OTHERS PRESENT:  John Palen (Midland Issues), Cheryl Wade (Midland Daily News)


Wallin called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. – a quorum was present


  1. Approval of the February 25, 2009 Minutes.

M/S – Ruhle/Rabbage - To approve the minutes of the February 25, 2009 meeting as submitted.

Approved Unanimously


2.      Financial Reports for February 2009.

Kulick presented the report for the month ending February 2009.  He reported a fund balance of $623,875 plus $56,123 in the Physical Improvements Project Fund and $15,522 in the Downtown Art Fund. 


M/S - Hayes/ Pomeroy - To accept and file the Financial Report.

Approved Unanimously


  1. Reports


a)      Design Committee – Kulick reported on the activities of the Design Committee.  Those activities primarily dealt with reviewing a draft text to expand where sidewalk café’s could be located.  Staff is incorporating comments and suggestions into the draft document for further review in March. 

Szostak reported on the Tulips and other downtown bulbs that should be starting to grow as the weather warms up.  She reported that new potting soil has been picked up for use in the large pots in the downtown.  Kutchey’s was low bidder for the pots, hanging baskets and downtown beds this year.  She will give a more detailed report on the summer flowers at the April; meeting.  She is interviewing for summer staff.


b)     Organization Committee – Wallin reported that the Committee met on the March 4, 2009.  The committee discussed the Board Retreat/Strategic Planning meeting that took place on March 3, 2009. Discussion also took place concerning the Buxton Study follow up, Riverfront Redevelopment Project, sale of the artificial ice and possible dates for the Downtown Retail Workshop.  The workshop will be moved to a date in April. 


c)  Economic Restructuring Committee – Hayes reported that the committee met yesterday.  There has been one change in vacancies or occupancies since the February DDA meeting.  A new business, Larkin Photography has opened in the Larkin Building.  The zoning text changes requested by the DDA have been approved by the City Council and will take effect upon publication. The committee received a report on the Capstone Survey that is being conducted by Lisa Vincent, a CMU Graduate Student.  The survey will have a link from the Downtown Happenings and HotStuff newsletters.  The survey will be used to help determine what sort of businesses the Economic Restructuring Committee may want to incubate. Staff was instructed to put a link from the Downtown website to the survey.  The Committee discussed possible incubator sites.


d)  Creating Cool Committee – Wallin reported on the Creating Cool Committee meeting held February 17, 2009.  She reviewed the list of 2009 events that will be taking place in Downtown Midland. 


e)  MIDLAND DOWNTOWN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION REPORT – Kulick reported that the MDBA Board did not have a quorum for their February meeting.  The Board has another meeting scheduled for March 12, and a General Membership meeting on March 25.  The MDBA is mostly working on nominations for the annual Legacy awards, their 2009-2010 budget and redoing their Downtown Midland Business Guide. The next MDBA General Membership Meeting will be March 25, 2009; 8:00 am at Pizza Sam’s.


4.  Public Comments




5.  Old Business


a)      Strategic Planning/Board Retreat – Following a brief discussion it was determined that staff and the Organization Committee would review Lee Rouse’s report and bring recommendations to the April DDA meeting.


b)     Zoning Text Change- The Midland City Council approved the Zoning text changes requested by the DDA.  The changes will take effect upon publication.


c)      Buxton Update – Kulick reported that he spoke to Sid Allen concerning the Buxton Study.  All twenty of the “Best Fit Retail Companies” have been contacted via mail with a telephone follow up.  Sid reported that all the companies have postponed any business expansion planned for 2009 to at least 2010.  He intends to continue follow up contacts.  Staff was requested to prepare a written summary listing which companies have been contacted and what the current status was.


6.  New Business


a)      Five-Year DDA Revenue and Expense Report– Kulick reported on the history of the DDA’s revenues and expenses for the past five years.  A written report was distributed.


b)   March/April Events – Kulick reported on events and meetings scheduled for the DDA and MDBA in March and April. 


c)   DDA Status Report - Kulick presented a PowerPoint report on activities undertaken by the DDA June of 2008 through February 2009.


d)   Budget Committee Meeting – Kulick announced that the DDA Budget Committee will meet, immediately following this meeting of the full DDA Board.


M/S – Hayes/Ruhle - To adjourn the meeting

Approved Unanimously

Meeting adjourned 4:00 pm