Tony Kulick read Roll Call.


PRESENT:    Bo Brines, Mike Hayes, Rich Pomeroy, Ranny Rieker, Mark Ruhle, Claudia Wallin,


ABSENT:      Jenny Anderson, Paula Liveris, Jon Lynch, Marty McGuire, Sue Rabbage, Jack McCandless, Keith Winter


STAFF PRESENT:  Tony Kulick, Stephanie Szostak


OTHERS PRESENT:  John Palen (Midland Issues),


Wallin called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. – a quorum was not present


  1. Approval of the March 11, 2009 Minutes.  Due to a lack of a quorum the minutes were not reviewed.


  1. Financial Reports for March 2009.

Due to a lack of a quorum the Financial Reports were not reviewed.


  1. Reports


a)      Design Committee – Kulick reported on the activities of the Design Committee.  Those activities primarily dealt with reviewing a draft text to expand where sidewalk cafιs could be located.  Szostak reported on the annual that will be planted at various locations in the downtown this summer.  She reported that the crew has started the spring cleanup of the downtown flower beds.  It was requested that the beds and sidewalks not be used as ashtrays for cigarette butts. Kulick reported that he and Stephanie had taken one of the preformed frogs downtown to see how they would be mounted in the beds this summer. 


b)   Organization Committee – Wallin reported that the committee met on the April 1, 2009.  The committee discussed the Board Retreat/Strategic Planning meeting that took place on March 3, 2009. Discussion also took place concerning the Buxton Study follow up, Riverfront Redevelopment Project.  The Riverfront Design Committee will meet on April 21, at 3 pm.  Draft bylaws for the DDA have been prepared and are being circulated to the various committees for comments.  The City Council has set April 27 as the date for the SARA Public Hearing.


c)  Economic Restructuring Committee – Hayes reported that the committee will meet next Tuesday.  The committee will receive an update report on the Capstone Survey that is being conducted by Lisa Vincent, a CMU Graduate Student.  The survey will be used to help determine what sort of businesses the Economic Restructuring Committee may want to incubate. Staff was instructed to put a link from the Downtown website to the survey.  Lisa will present the full report to the ER Committee at their May meeting and to the full DDA Board at their May meeting.


d)   Creating Cool Committee – Wallin reported on the Creating Cool Committee meeting held March 17, 2009.  The committee reviewed the budget for 2009-2010 activities and Solstice Stroll activities.


e)   Budget Committee – Kulick reported that the committee met March 11, 2009 following the DDA Board meeting.  The total expenditures for 2009-2010 will be held to last year’s level.  Additional revenues are expected due to the improvements at the H Hotel.  The DDA Committees are reviewing their individual budgets and provide recommendation to the Budget Committee.  The Budget Committee will be meeting some time after April 11 and will have a recommendation to the full DDA Board at the May meeting.


f)  MIDLAND DOWNTOWN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION REPORT – Kulick reported that the MDBA General Membership Committee was very productive and the members received information on how to pursue additional print and broadcast advertising opportunities.  The DDA is working on their 2009-2010 Budget.   The MDBA is working to make upcoming events more successful.


4.  Public Comments




5.  Old Business


a)   Strategic Planning/Board Retreat – Kulick presented the members with a summary of the draft long range goals from the Strategic Planning Retreat.  He asked the members to review the long range goals and think about some shorter (one year) goals.  On May 13, following the regular DDA Board meeting, the DDA will hold a work session to review the long term goals and develop goals for 2009-2010.


b)   SARA - Kulick reported that the City Council set April 27 as the date for the SARA Public Hearing.


c)   Riverfront Design Committee- Kulick reported that the Riverfront Design Committee will meet on April 21, 2009 at 3pm in the DDA Conference Room.  The April 24 date shown on the agenda is incorrect.


d)   Buxton Update – Kulick reported that he spoke to Sid Allen and that he will attend the Economic Restructuring Committee meeting next week to update the members on the status of the Buxton Study.  Kulick also reported on how Jess Atwell from Midland Tomorrow was using the Buxton study as part of a presentation on franchising he was participating in.


 6.  New Business


a)   Events- Kulick presented a calendar of events that will be taking place in the downtown in the upcoming months.  He also presented information on the Summer Sculpture Series and Tunes by the Tridge.


M/S – Brines/Hayes - To adjourn the meeting

Approved Unanimously

Meeting adjourned 3:43 pm