Tony Kulick read Roll Call.


PRESENT:   Bo Brines, Mike Hayes, Marty McGuire, Sue Rabbage, Rich Pomeroy, Ranny Rieker, Mark Ruhle, Claudia Wallin,


ABSENT:      Jenny Anderson, Paula Liveris, Jon Lynch, Jack McCandless, Keith Winter         


STAFF PRESENT:  Tony Kulick, Keith Baker, Stephanie Szostak


OTHERS PRESENT:   John Palen (Midland Issues), Cheryl Wade (MDN)


Wallin called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. – a quorum was present


1.    Approval of the March 11, and April 8, 2009 Minutes.  M/S Rieker/Brines – Approved unanimously


2.    Financial Reports for March and April 2009. M/S Rabbage/Hayes – Approved unanimously


3.    Reports


a)    Riverfront Design Committee – Rieker reported that the committee had met and reviewed the “Preferred Concept Plan” developed by the consultant following the design cherrettes last year.  The consultant prepared a cost estimate of slightly more than $6 million.  The committee concluded that the DDA did not have funds of that magnitude to undertake the project at this time.  During the cherettes it was suggested that trimming the current under growth along the river bank might improve the communities’ appreciation of the river.  Staff had received an estimate from the Parks Department to perform the desired under growth removal.  The Riverfront Redesign Committee recommended that the DDA Design Committee recommend that the full DDA approve funding for removal of the under growth along the river bank.

b)   Design Committee – Anderson reported that the committee set September 2009 as the deadline development of revised sidewalk café regulations. The committee is recommending that their

2009-10 budget be at the same level as last year. She also introduced the following Action Item:

M/S Anderson Rieker – approved unanimously

c)    Budget Committee – Rieker reported that the committee has been meeting and has reviewed all the budget requests from the DDA committees.  She also introduced the following Action Item:

M/S Rieker/ Hayes approved unanimously

d)   Economic Restructuring Committee – Hayes reported that the Economic Restructuring Committee has been reviewing a draft document to create an incubator program.  A subcommittee of Pomeroy, Grieve and Emmel will bring an edited document back to the ER committee at the June meeting.  The committee also received Lisa Vincent’s report at their May meeting. 

Hayes introduced Lisa Vincent who presented her report to the entire DDA Board.

e)    Wallin reported that the Committee met on the April 1, 2009.  The committee discussed the Board Retreat/Strategic Planning meeting that took place on March 3, 2009. Discussion also took place concerning the Buxton Study follow up, Riverfront Redevelopment Project.  The Riverfront Design Committee will meet on April 21, at 3 pm.  Draft bylaws for the DDA have been prepared and are being circulated to the various committees for comments.  The City Council has set April 27 as the date for the SARA Public Hearing.

d)  Creating Cool Committee – Wallin reported on the Creating Cool Committee meeting held April 21, 2009.  The committee reviewed the Solstice Stroll and Summer Sculpture activities.

f)    Organization Committee – Wallin reported on the activities of the Organization Committee

g)  MIDLAND DOWNTOWN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION REPORT Kulick reported that the MDBA will have a General Membership Meeting on May 27.  They will be conducting four ribbon cuttings to welcome new businesses to the downtown.


4.  Public Comments




5.  Old Business


a)   Strategic Planning/Board Retreat – Kulick reminded members that a work session was scheduled immediately following this Board meeting.

b) SARA - Kulick reported that the City Council approved the SARA for another two years at their May 11, 2009 meeting.


6.  New Business


a)   Events- Kulick presented a calendar of events that will be taking place in the downtown in the upcoming months.  He also presented information on the Summer Sculpture Series and Tunes by the Tridge.

b) Nominations Committee – The chair appointed Rabbage and Ruhle to serve as the Nominations Committee to prepare a slate of officers for 2009-2010.


M/S – Brines/Hayes - To adjourn the meeting

Approved Unanimously

Meeting adjourned 3:43 pm