Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 3:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, City Hall – Midland, Michigan




1.      Members Present: Brines, Cline, Hayes, McGuire, Pomeroy, Rabbage, Riecker,        



Members Absent: Anderson, Liveris, Lynch, Ruhle


2.      Approval of the Agenda:  Wallin amended the agenda to add a new item 6. (a) Report on the Summer Sculpture Auction and to move the remainder of the items in 6 down. M/S Riecker / Brines approved unanimously


3.      Approval of the DDA minutes from the meeting of August 12, 2009 to approve as submitted M / S Riecker / Brines approved unanimously


4.      July Financial Reports

Kulick presented the Financial statements for the month of July To accept and file the reports. M / S Riecker / Cline approved unanimously


5.  Public Comments may be made on any agenda item at the time of the items  

Discussion on the agenda


6.  Reports

(a)   Report on the 2009 Summer Sculpture Series Auction – Cheryl Smith presented a report on the upcoming September 17th Frog auction.  She acknowledged the sponsors, artists and committee members that made the event possible.

(b)   Design Committee Report –August 25th meeting - Kulick reported that the design committee has completed its preparation of a draft ordinance to permit outdoor cafes in the downtown.  The draft document has been sent to the City Attorney for review.  The city attorney wants to have a meeting with all the city stake holders prior to working on putting the document into final ordinance form.  Keith Baker is facilitating setting up the necessary meeting.

(c)   Organization Committee Report –September 2nd meeting – Action Item – approve 2009 – 2010 meeting schedule.  Kulick reported on the Organization Committee meeting.  The agenda for today’s meeting was approved. The DDA Board needs to set the meeting dates for 2010.  The following resolution was read:


Whereas the Midland Downtown development Authority annually sets their meeting dates for the upcoming calendar year, and

Whereas the DDA has traditionally met the second Wednesday of each month at 3 pm in the Midland City Council Chambers

Now therefore be it resolved that the Midland DDA will continue to meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 3 pm in the Midland City Council Chambers on the following dates during 2010:

January 13, 2010

February 10, 2010

 March 10, 2010

April 14, 2010

May 12, 2010

 June 9, 2010

 July 14, 2010

 August 11, 2010

 September 8, 2010

 October 13, 2010

 November 10, 2010

 December 8, 2010


                               To set the dates as proposed in the resolution M / S Brines / Hayes approved



(d)    Strategic Planning Update Report – Action Item – Committee appointments – Baker presented a report on the process used to adopt a strategies plan and create new committees.  Board members have been polled and volunteered to serve on various committees.  The following resolution was read to formally appoint Board members to the appropriate committees:


Whereas the DDA has spent several months in 2009 working with a facilitator to prepare a Strategic Plan with short and long term goals to implement the overall duties of the DDA and provisions of the Development Plan, and

Whereas the DDA adopted a Strategic Plan at their August 12, 2009 meeting and that plan calls for the formation of four committees, now

Therefore be it resolved that the Midland DDA hereby approves the appointment of the following DDA Board members to each of the four chartered committees as noted:

1.      Budget & Finance Committee

a.       Claudia Wallin

b.      Jon Lynch

c.       Margret Riecker

d.      Mark Ruhle

2.      Communications Committee

a.       Claudia Wallin

b.      Marty McGuire

c.       Jenny Anderson

3.      Economic Sustainability Committee

a.       Mike Hayes

b.      Claudia Wallin

c.       Bo Brines

d.      Dan Cline

e.       Sue Rabbage

f.       Rich Pomeroy

4.      Executive Committee

a.       Claudia Wallin (Chair of DDA Board)

b.      Mike Hayes (Vice Chair of DDA Board)

c.       Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee

d.      Chair of the Communication Committee

e.       Chair of the Economic Sustainability Committee

f.       Chair of the MDBA Board

                               To accept the committee assignments M / S Riecker / Brines approved


(e)    Personnel Report – Baker reported that Kulick’s last day as DDA Director will be October 16th.  City staff is working on a replacement and an announcement will be made at the October DDA meeting.

(f)    Midland Downtown Business Association Report –August meeting – Kulick reported on the activities of the MDBA Board.


      7.   Public Comments for Non Agenda Items

                              There were no comments from the public


      8.   Old Business



9.   New Business

a)      September / October 2009 Events - Kulick presented Downtown events for September and October.

b)      September / October Meeting Dates – Kulick presented a calendar of dates for the DDA Board and new Committees to meet. 

c)      Introduction of Draft Bylaws for possible October 9th approval – Kulick presented a set of draft bylaws for the DDA Board to consider for adoption.  M / S Hayes / McGuire to refer the draft document to the new Executive Committee for review and recommendation approved unanimously.

d)     Wallin congratulated the Great Lakes Loons for reaching the 2009 play offs and being such a good partner to the downtown.

e)      Wallin congratulated the Midland Community Center for being named as the best tennis town in the USA.


      10.  Adjourn

             M / S Riecker / Pomeroy to adjourn the meeting at 4 pm approved unanimously.