DDA Board Meeting
April 14, 2010



A regular meeting of the Downtown Development Authority was held on Wednesday,
April 14, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at Midland City Hall.  Chair Wallin presided.


Members Present: Claudia Wallin (Chair) Jenny Anderson, Bo Brines, Dan Cline, Mike Hayes, Marty McGuire, Ranny Riecker, Mark Ruhle, Doug Thompson,


Members Absent:  Jon Lynch, Susan Rabbage


The DDA minutes from the February 10, 2010 meeting were approved as submitted. 


DDA Executive Director Selina Tisdale presented the financial report from January and February 2010.  Financial reports approved as submitted.



Cheryl Smith of the Sculpture Committee reported on the status of the 2010 Totally Turtles Summer Sculpture series.  Seventeen sculptures are being created – nine preform turtles and eight free form turtles.  Sculptures will be placed the week of June 14th.  The sculptures will visit the Reese Garden Walk on July 21st and the Gala Auction will be held September 23rd at The H.  Sponsorships are still available at $500 for a full sponsorship and $250 for a partial sponsorship.


City Horticulturalist Stephanie Szostak reviewed the flower scheme for 2010.  Dow Gardens was gratefully acknowledged for growing and donating 12 flats of flowers to Downtown Midland for the spring plantings.  Stephanie reported that all major riverfront clean up was accomplished in previous years and this summer light maintenance of the area will continue.


Committee reports were presented as follows:


·         Executive Committee – Claudia Wallin reported that Paula Liveris has resigned her position on the DDA board and Rich Pomeroy’s term ends in May 2010 and he will not seek re-appointment.  Both were recognized and thanked for the time and talents they have provided to the DDA Board.  Jenny Anderson’s term also ends in May 2010 and she seeks reappointment.  Jon Lynch will collect names for city council appointment to the two vacancies.  Bo Brines is heading up the 2010 nominations committee and will seek board input on nominations for the next DDA board chair and vice chair.  The committee, along with city staff, is also addressing problems with the Jumping Jewels water feature along Ashman Street.


·         Economic Sustainability Committee – several discussions are taking place with potential downtown business ventures.  The incubator and façade programs continue to be a draw for persons seeking business locations.  The committee held a discussion with Midland Area Chamber of Commerce President Sid Allen regarding the Buxton Study and is exploring new ways of utilizing that study.  Economic Sustainability presented minor revisions to the Incubator Guidelines.  Approval of the revisions was moved by Cline and seconded by Riecker and were unanimously approved.


·         Budget and Finance Committee - reported it held  iecker/a joint meeting with the Economic Sustainability Committee to talk about long term capital planning.  Despite tight budgets at this time, the committees felt it is important to prioritize future spending.  Jon Lynch will work with city staff and members of the joint subcommittee to conduct an inventory of downtown assets.  The draft DDA budget was presented to the board.  The Budget & Finance Committee will bring the final document to the May meeting for adoption.


·         Midland Downtown Business Association - President Lauri Ireland reviewed activities of the MDBA including a very successful Loons Opening Day parade event, the upcoming Loons Pennant Race and other events scheduled for May.  A discussion was held regarding how to encourage businesses to remain open during events that may not take place in the normal business hours window.


DDA Executive Director Selina Tisdale reviewed the April and May meeting calendars and event information. 


No Public Comments were made.


Riecker/McGuire moved to adjourn – 3:55 p.m.