DDA Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 3 pm



Committee Members Present:
Claudia Wallin (Chair), Bo Brines, Dan Cline, Mike Hayes, Jon Lynch, Marty McGuire, Susan Rabbage, Ranny Riecker, Doug Thompson

Committee Members Absent: Jenny Anderson, Mark Ruhle

Staff Present: Selina Tisdale


The DDA minutes from the April 14, 2010 meeting were approved as submitted. 


DDA Executive Director Selina Tisdale presented the financial report from March 2010. Financial reports approved as submitted.



Summer Sculpture Series co-chair Cheryl Smith updated the board on the status of the 2010 Totally Turtles Summer Sculpture Series.

·         18 pre-form and free-form turtles to be installed in Downtown Midland the week of June 14;

·         Artists will be recognized at the June 25 Loons game;

·         A portion of the turtles will be leaving to visit the Garden Walk on July 21;

·         The public Gala Auction of the turtles is scheduled for September 23.


City Horticulturist Stephanie Szostak updated the board on Downtown Midland’s spring plantings.

·         Mulching is finished;

·         Irrigation systems are running;

·         Tulips have been pulled and replanted;

·         Hanging baskets and corner beds will be ready for Memorial Day;

·         Long beds and portable pots will be coming after Memorial Day.


Committee Reports

·         Executive Committee

o   Claudia Wallin reviewed the expiring terms of board members Jenny Anderson and Rich Pomeroy.  Jenny’s reappointment will be confirmed by Midland City Council at their May 24th meeting.  Rich Pomeroy has left the community so a vacancy exists for his position.  Paula Liveris has recently resigned from the DDA Board leaving a second vacancy.  Persons interested in serving on the DDA Board should contact City Manager Jon Lynch’s office.

o   Bo Brines, chair of the nominating committee, reported that he had visited with all the board members and Marty McGuire indicated his interest in serving as DDA Chair and Mike Hayes indicated that he’d be interested in remaining as DDA Vice Chair.  Seeing no further nominations, Riecker moved, seconded by Lynch that Marty McGuire be named DDA Chair and Mike Hayes be named Vice Chair for 2010-11.  The motion was unanimously approved.   The Board recognized and thanked Claudia Wallin for her many years of leadership as chair of the DDA Board.

o   After reviewing with City Horticulturist, Stephanie Szostak, the many structural problems with the downtown water feature, Jumping Jewels, and further discussion of potential repairs the Executive Committee recommended that a temporary retrofit of the Jumping Jewels feature into planters be pursued for this season and that a more-permanent retrofit be looked at for next season.  Riecker moved the recommendation and it was seconded by McGuire.  Unanimously approved.

·         Economic Sustainability - Mike Hayes reported that the committee did not meet in May.

·         Communications Committee - Claudia Wallin reported that the committee is continuing to work on a new website and the board reviewed a City in 15 piece promoting the economic development tools available in Downtown Midland.

·         Budget and Finance - Ranny Riecker presented the DDA’s 2010-11 proposed budget for approval.  Riecker moved that the budget be adopted, Hayes seconded.  Budget was adopted unanimously.

·         Selina Tisdale presented the Midland Downtown Business Association update.


No public comments were made.


Executive Director Selina Tisdale reviewed the May/June meeting calendars and event information.


Riecker/Cline moved to adjourn at 3:40 pm.