DDA Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 3 pm




Committee Members Present:  
Marty McGuire (Chair), Bo Brines, Dan Cline, Mike Hayes, Susan Rabbage, Ranny Riecker, Doug Thompson

Committee Members Absent:  Jon Lynch, Mark Ruhle, Claudia Wallin

Staff Present:  Selina Tisdale


The DDA minutes from the May 12, 2010 meeting were approved as submitted. 


DDA Executive Director Selina Tisdale presented the financial report from April 2010. Financial reports approved as submitted.   Thompson/Riecker


Selina Tisdale reported on behalf of the Summer Sculpture Series.  Completed sculptures are going through the polycoating process and will be ready to be placed the week of June 14.  The artists will visit the Dow Diamond to be recognized at the June 25 Loons game.  Some of the sculptures will be travelling to the Garden Walk on July 21. The Gala Auction is scheduled for September 23.


City Horticulturist, Stephanie Szostak, reported that all the beds, flower pots and hanging baskets are in and that the summer maintenance schedule is in full swing.  She also reported that she continues to research temporary and more-permanent retrofit options for the Jumping Jewels water feature, but it is a slow process.


A new item on the DDA agenda was presented as a way to help broaden the DDA board members knowledge base and to keep them better informed of the more technical issues of the DDA.  The first presentation was given by City Fiscal Services Director, David Keenan, who talked about Tax Increment Financing.


Committee Reports

·         Executive Committee – Marty McGuire reported that the Executive Committee:

o    reviewed the makeup of the DDA Board and noted that two vacancies still exist;

o   continues to review the relationship between the DDA and the MDBA and seeks to clarify each role.  Executive Committee will continue to work with the MDBA on this and submit a report back to the DDA Board;

o   a DDA goal setting session will be scheduled once the MDBA/DDA relationship is better clarified.

·         Economic Sustainability – Mike Hayes reported that the Economic Sustainability committee:

o   is anticipating a couple nice developments that are in the work for downtown;

o   had Assistant City Manager, Jack Duso, speak to the group about liquor licenses available to downtown districts;

o   the Façade/Incubator subcommittee has a full complement of advisors and is preparing to assist with the potential new additions to downtown;

o   the recruitment and retention subcommittee is in a rebuilding process and will take a closer look at its role;

o   is considering a meeting date change to better align with the monthly meeting schedule of the DDA Board.

·         Communications Committee – Selina Tisdale reported on behalf of Claudia Wallin:

o   Communications reviewed a first draft of the redesign of the website.

o   The Creating Cool subcommittee is working on a Taste of Downtown event that will be held in Downtown Midland on August 12 exposing visitors to the retail, food and beverage “tastes” of downtown including a signature event at the H Hotel.

·         Budget and Finance – Ranny Riecker reported that the DDA budget approved in May was approved in late May as part of the City budget and awaits its July 1, 2010 implementation.

·         MDBA Board – MDBA President, Lauri Ireland, reported on upcoming Downtown Midland events including Tunes by the Tridge, Artists Market, Highland Festival and the Michigan Jazz Trail.


No public comments were made.


New Business

·         Executive Director, Selina Tisdale, reviewed the June/July meeting calendars and event information.

·         DDA Chair, Marty McGuire, reminded members to kindly notify the DDA office if they are unable to attend a meeting.  Unless the DDA office is notified, the committee works under the assumption that members will be there and a quorum will be present to conduct business.

·         DDA Chair, Marty McGuire, asked members to notify him if they were interested in exiting a committee assignment or taking on a new or different committee assignment.  Committee assignments will remain as presented in the packet unless he is otherwise notified.

·         City Horticulturist, Stephanie Szostak, reported on an increase in the amount of cigarette butts in the downtown planters that has developed since the May 1 Michigan Smoking Ban went into effect.  She has experienced a rise in this problem especially along Main Street and the Ashman Street corridor.

o   The Executive Committee will take this on as an issue to review and recommend;

o   Bo Brines noted that this is not a new problem but is definitely an increasing problem since the smoking ban in restaurants.  He referred to a similar issue with businesses and snow removal and suggested that the snow removal issue also be considered along with the cigarette butt issue;

o   Selina Tisdale will provide information on the issue as gathered from the Michigan Municipal League and other downtown association’s input.


Riecker/Anderson moved to adjourn at 4:00 pm.