Circle-Logo-RGBDDA Board Meeting

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 3 p.m.




Board Members Present: Bo Brines, Dan Cline, Mike Hayes, Jon Lynch, Marty McGuire, Heidi McIvor, Zach Prior, Ranny Riecker, Doug Thompson, Claudia Wallin

Board Members Absent:  Jenny Anderson, Lynne Luongo, Mark Ruhle

Staff Present:  Stephanie Szostak, Selina Tisdale


The DDA Board minutes from the February 9, 2011 meeting were approved as submitted.  Cline/Hayes


Laura Butcher, owner of Laura Lynn’s Boutique gave a brief presentation on her new Downtown Midland business which opened at 118 Rodd Street in March.

Horticulturist Stephanie Szostak reported that the Executive Committee has made a determination that the strings of lights in the downtown trees should come down and the 2011-12 budget will fund replacement lighting; up lighting the trees will be researched.  Stephanie’s crew is installing a living wall on the wall that houses the Farmers Market sign.  Stephanie presented the design for the spring bulb display.


Chair, Marty McGuire presented a document that City Attorney, Jim Branson submitted to assist DDA Board members with the city ordinance and State law that applies to the role and responsibilities of the DDA.  Riecker moved, supported by Lynch, to receive and file the document.  Motion approved.


Chair, Marty McGuire led a discussion on the plan for the DDA Board to begin considering the potential expansion of the current DDA boundaries north into the overly district and east to include the Dow Diamond property.  Dan Cline moved, supported by Bo Brines, that the DDA request a review by city staff to begin the public process of consideration of DDA boundary expansion.  Motion approved.


DDA Executive Director, Selina Tisdale presented an update on the timetable for the SARA renewal at the City Council level.


Committee Reports

·      Executive Committee Chair, Marty McGuire reported that the Executive Committee has been considering the by-laws presented today and has held discussion on the expansion of the DDA district.

·      Budget and Finance Committee Chair, Ranny Riecker reported that the Budget and Finance Committee has met to review committee budget requests and presented a proposed budget for 2011-12.  The following was moved by Lynch and supported by Wallin:

WHEREAS, the Budget and Finance Committee of the Downtown Development Authority has prepared and submitted a proposed DDA budget for fiscal year 2011-12; now therefore
RESOLVED, that the Downtown Development Authority hereby accepts and adopts the proposed budget as submitted.  Motion approved.


Ranny also reported that the Budget and Finance committee and the Economic Sustainability Committee has met to review the DDA Capital Improvement Plan.  The following was moved by Hayes and supported by Cline: 

WHEREAS, the Economic Sustainability Committee and Budget and Finance Committee along with representatives from the City’s Engineer, Planning,  Parks and Recreation and Utilities Departments, have prepared and presented a Capital Improvement Plan with a 2011-2020 Capital Project Inventory;  now therefore

RESOLVED, that the Downtown Development Authority hereby receives and files the Capital Improvement Plan as submitted.  Motion approved.


·      Communications Committee – Chair, Claudia Wallin reported that while the Communications Committee did not meet in February, the Creating Cool Committee has been working on its events for 2011.  Heidi McIvor reported on the Midnight on Main New Years Eve event being planned for December 31, 2011 in Downtown Midland.  Selina Tisdale reported on the Taste of Downtown event for 2011.


·      MDBA Board – President, Patty Aspin reported on the success of the February Deals at the Diamond event and the upcoming Meet Your Merchant event.


No public comments were made

New Business

Chair Marty McGuire reported that City Council reappointed DDA Board members Bo Brines, Doug Thompson and Claudia Wallin to new four-year terms.


Meeting adjourned:  3:45 p.m.

Next meeting: April 13 at 3 p.m.