Circle-Logo-RGBDDA Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 3 p.m.




Board Members Present:  Marty McGuire (Chair), Mike Hayes (Vice Chair), Jenny Anderson, Bo Brines, Dan Cline, Jon Lynch, Heidi McIvor, Zach Prior, Ranny Riecker, Doug Thompson, Claudia Wallin

Board Members Absent: Mark Ruhle

Staff Present:  Stephanie Szostak, Selina Tisdale


The DDA Board minutes from the May 11, 2011 meeting were approved as submitted.  Cline/Hayes

Chris Tointon, representing the Access to Recreation Committee of the Midland Area Community Foundation presented a proposal for an all-access kayak and canoe launch to be located in the area of the Tridge.  The Access to Recreation Committee identifies opportunities for person’s with physical challenges to have full access to recreational opportunities.  They have identified access to river activities as a needed opportunity.  The group has identified a site downtown near the Tridge and is working with the City and Parks and Recreation Commission for a late summer/early fall installation.  The group is seeking DDA support of the project.  Riecker moved that the DDA conceptually approve and support the all access kayak/canoe launch and forward this support to Midland City Council.  Wallin seconded.  Motion approved.


City Horticulturist Stephanie Szostak provided an update on the installation of the

living wall plantings at the Farmer’s Market and that the Jumping Jewels retrofit to planter boxes is now complete.


McGuire updated the board on the DDA Boundary Expansion process.  In May the board took action to establish an area for the proposed DDA boundary expansion district and collect input from the members of this district.  In order to conduct proper notification and allow reasonable time for comment, the public hearing on the expansion district has been delayed to the July 13 DDA Board meeting.  Hayes moved to reconsider the vote on the boundary expansion and clarify whether or not the Dow Diamond property is included in the expansion district, Cline supported.  Motion passed.  Hayes and McGuire both disclosed affiliation with the Michigan Baseball Foundation Board of Directors.   After a discussion on the issue, Riecker moved, seconded by Wallin that the expansion district include the Dow Diamond property and the map be redrawn to more clearly define that inclusion.  Motion passed. 


Committee Reports

·         Executive Committee – McGuire reported that the Executive Committee has been working on the boundary expansion project and had received an update report from David Helgerson on his Main Street development.

·         Communications CommitteeWallin reported that the downtown brochure was being delayed pending settling of some new downtown developments and a simpler format was being considered in the meantime.  Event updates were provided on RiverDays Afterglow, Taste of Downtown, and Midnight on Main.

·         Economic Sustainability Hayes reported that ES did not meet in May. 

·         MDBA BoardMDBA President Patty Aspin reported on upcoming events: Highland Fest, Jazz Trail and downtown fireworks.  Ongoing summer events like Tunes by the Tridge, Farmers Market and Artists Market are in full swing.


No public comments were made.


New Business

McGuire reported that the board was working on identifying a date for the fall strategic goal setting session.


Meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


Next Meeting is July 13 at 3 p.m.