Circle-Logo-RGBDDA Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 3 p.m.




Board Members Present:  Marty McGuire (Chair), Mike Hayes (Vice Chair), Dan Cline, Jon Lynch, Bo Miller, Zach Prior, Ranny Riecker, Doug Thompson, Claudia Wallin

Board Members Absent: Mark Ruhle

Staff Present:  Stephanie Szostak, Selina Tisdale


The DDA Board minutes from the June 8, 2011 meeting were approved as submitted. 

The DDA held a public hearing on a proposal to expand the DDA district to follow the boundary lines of the overlay district and southeasterly on Main Street to included the Dow Diamond property.

TJ McCann, property owner in the proposed district, spoke in favor of the expansion and encouraged the DDA to consider broadening the expansion area to include Haley or Fournie Street and a portion of Grove Street.


Hayes and McGuire both acknowledged affiliation with the Michigan Baseball Association Board of Directors but felt there was no conflict of interest with the DDA boundary expansion issue.


The following resolution was presented:


            WHEREAS, the Midland Downtown Development Authority has studied the idea of expanding the current DDA boundaries northerly to include properties along Indian and Buttles Street, the city’s recently defined Overly District, and southeasterly along Main Street to incorporate the Dow Diamond property; and

            WHEREAS, the Midland Downtown Development Authority is proposing said expansion without the request for additional millage or extension of the Shopping Area Redevelopment Area (SARA) assessment which is currently utilized in the present DDA district; and

            WHEREAS, the Midland Downtown Development Authority notified property owners in the proposed expansion district, received written and verbal comments, and held a public hearing on the issue at the July 13, 2011 DDA board meeting to receive input on the proposed district expansion; now therefore

            RESOLVED, that the Downtown Development Authority approves the recommendation to expand the DDA boundaries as described; and

            FURTHER RESOLVED, that this recommendation be forwarded to Midland City Council for its formal review and approval process.


Cline moved the resolution and was supported by Riecker.  Resolution passed 9:0.




David Helgerson, property owner at 114 E. Main Street provided a project update on the development plans for his downtown parcels which will be a four-story mixed use building including retail, residential and a rooftop event venue.


City Horticulturist Stephanie Szostak reported on the sidewalk power washing project, completion of the Tridge’s new landscaping and the downtown street tree lighting project.


Committee Reports

·         Executive Committee – McGuire reported that the Executive Committee reviewed Stephanie Szostak’s lighting research and Wallin moved that the street lighting plan that Stephanie presented be adopted contingent on the availability of budget.  Hayes seconded.  Motion passed.

·         Communications CommitteeWallin reported that the downtown brochure is in the final stages of production and reported on the upcoming events of Riverdays Afterglow, Taste of Downtown, and Midnight on Main. 

·         Economic Sustainability Hayes presented two action items for DDA board approval:

WHEREAS, the Economic Sustainability Committee of the Downtown Development Authority has reviewed the façade application submitted by Gwen Malone, Lil Pear Tree, 124 E. Main Street, and found all information acceptable and in order; now therefore

RESOLVED, that the Economic Sustainability committee recommends the Downtown Development Authority grant the Lil Pear Tree façade matching grant request in the amount of $1,656 for vinyl replacement windows, labor for front façade beam, store front brick work, entrance way outdoor carpet and exterior windows.

Hayes moved the resolution;  Lynch supported.  Resolution passed 9:0.


WHEREAS, the Economic Sustainability Committee has discussed the aesthetic and logistical concerns of restaurant refuse disposal in the downtown district; now therefore

RESOLVED, that the Economic Sustainability committee recommends the Downtown Development Authority request that discussions take place with the City’s Department of Public Services to explore options for centralized refuse disposal for downtown business owners. 

Hayes moved the resolution; Cline supported.  Resolution passed 9:0.


·         MDBA BoardMDBA President Patty Aspin reported the MDBA has elected its board for the 2011-12 year; held its annual meeting in June with Chris Tointon being named Volunteer of the Year, Molly and Brian McFadden being named Business Persons of the year and Everett Carpet and Arbury Insurance Agency receiving Legacy Awards.  Patty reported that the Michigan Jazz Trail generated about 1200 visitors to the Great Lakes Bay region during its three day festival, including about 300 in downtown Midland.  She reported on upcoming downtown events:  Tunes by the Tridge, Artists Market, Bark in the Park, Sidewalk Sales and RiverDays.


No public comments were made.


New Business

Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.


Next Meeting is August 10 at 3 p.m.