Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 3:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall – Midland, MI


Attending:   Brines, Cline, Hayes, McGuire, McIvor, Prior, Riecker, Ruhle, Thompson, Wallin
Absent:        Anderson, Lynch, Miller

Chair Marty McGuire introduced new DDA Board Member Robert Rathbun of Chemical Bank.

Chair Marty McGuire presented the DDA board minutes from the meeting of May 9, 2012 for approval.   Hayes moved the minutes be accepted, seconded by Riecker.  Minutes were unanimously approved.

Horticulturist Stephanie Szostak spoke regarding the Farmers Market paving project in conjunction with the Farmers Market/Chamber of Commerce and reported that the downtown plantings were all in and doing well.

City Assessor Reid Duford presented a report on the State of Michigan’s Personal Property Tax Reform efforts and how they would affect the DDA.  Following Duford’s presentation the DDA Board discussed its role in the Michigan Downtown Association’s support of the Replace Don’t Erase Coalition efforts and determined it would wait to see if City Council took a position on these efforts and would take up consideration at that time following City Council’s lead.

Committee Reports –

·         Communications Committee – Chair Claudia Wallin reported on the progress of the DDA’s website refresh and mobile site build;

·         Economic Sustainability Committee - Committee Chair Mike Hayes reported that there had been little activity in the month of May but several opportunities were on the horizon and likely would be before the board in upcoming meetings;

·         Executive Committee – Committee Chair Marty McGuire reported that the committee continues to work on refuse collection issues in the downtown, meeting with the director of public services, city attorney and city manager to consult on the issue;

·         MDBA Board – MDBA President Patty Aspin reported on the upcoming events of the MDBA and reported that she would become the outgoing MDBA president following the June 20 MDBA Annual Meeting. 

Public comments regarding items that are not on this agenda



New Business

·         McGuire asked board members to consider their rolls on the various DDA subcommittees and report their interests back to him;

·         Tisdale reported that the Sno Time Like Summer Time Summer Sculpture series had been installed in early June and was being well received. 


Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm