Chairperson Applegate called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM.


Roll Call

HDC MEMBERS PRESENT:   Terri Applegate, Tim Lichtenwald, Sue MacKellar, and Randy Swierzbin, Donna Gross, Donald Deibert

ABSENT:                                     None

OTHERS PRESENT:                 Daryl Poprave, Cheri Standfest and one other


Approval of the Minutes of the Special Meetings of June 3rd and July 8th, 2004

      There was a commission discussion as to what conditions were placed in the motion for Heidi Roberson’s petition during the June 3, 2004 meeting.  It was decided that in future difficult meetings, that the commission would utilize a “finding of fact” method similar to what the Zoning Board of Appeals uses to decide variance requests.  This will ensure that no conditions are left out of future certificate of appropriateness (C of A) approvals.  Commissioner Gross wanted the HDC to approve the minutes as soon as possible after each C of A is approved.  Commissioner Gross also requested a copy of the video tape from the June 3rd meeting.  Staff will provide a loaner copy after the meeting. 

      The minutes of June 3, 2004 and July 8, 2004 meetings, were approved as submitted.

      The Commission requested that the revised June 3rd minute’s format be utilized for all future C of A petitions.

      At this point, Chairperson Applegate stepped down and Vice-Chairperson MacKellar took over the request for a certificate of appropriateness.

Certificate of Appropriateness

Randy and Terri Applegate, 109 Ripley Street – to replace existing roof shingles and change pitch of garage roof

Daryl Poprave read the staff report outlining the applicant’s request, local criteria for review, and Dept. of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation. 

Randy Applegate of 109 Ripley stated that the new shingles are manufactured by Certainteed, the Horizon model and are an architectural styled shingle.  These shingles will be installed on both the existing home, new addition and garage.  The shingle color will be Homestead Slate. 

Commissioner Gross asked if the home originally had a slate roof.  The applicants stated that the only known photo of the original house is from an obscured view and thus the roofing is not visible but houses of this time period (1860’s) often had slate roofs.    Commissioner Gross asked if there was any original shingles left on the house.  The applicants stated that there were none.  The applicants stated that the new roof will be slate in color.  Their original application stated that they were going to match the existing roof but now they are going to change colors because they feel it look more like a historic home. 

Commissioner MacKellar asked if the applicants would be adding gutters.  The applicants stated that they were not.

Commissioner Gross asked if they were using the same entry door as originally proposed on June 3, 2004 and granted by the ZBA.  The applicants stated that they were.

The applicants stated in their original petition back in June, they wanted to expand the garage from its existing footprint.  They have now decided that this will be cost prohibitive so they will be retaining the garages original footprint. (A zoning variance was granted for this garage expansion)  The applicants are proposing a garage roof change from the originally proposed hip style to a gable styled roof. 

The Commission again stated that the lack of proposed gutters could cause future ice/water problems.  The applicants stated that if this proved to be true they may again come back to the HDC to get gutters approved but at this point in time no gutters would be added to the house and or garage.

Commissioner Gross moved to approve the application for 109 Ripley Street and the modifications requested in their June 3, 2004 application:

1.      That they replace the current 3 to 1 shingles with an architecturally styled shingle, homestead slate in color on both the house and garage. 

2.      That the garage retains its original footprint and size.  That the present placement of entry doors and garage doors be retained.

3.      That the profile of the garage roof be changed to a gable style matching the existing roofline of the home.

4.      That no eaves troughs, gutters or downspouts be added to the property.

5.      The criteria for review as listed in the staff report shall apply.


The motion was supported by Commissioner Swierzbin. 

YEA:               Gross, Swierzbin, Lichtenwald, MacKellar, Deibert 

NAYS:             None

ABSENT:       None


Motion was carried unanimously.


After her certificate of appropriateness request was approved, Terri Applegate re-took the Chair of the HDC meeting.

Public Comments

There were no public comments.


Old Business

a.      Commission Projects:

                                                              i.      National Preservation Week May 1st to 7th, 2005.  The Commission discussed ways to promote the week.  The Commssion will coordinate with staff and come up with new ideas to make this district distinctive from the surrounding neighborhoods.  These ideas will be discussed at the next quarterly meeting, January 26, 2005.

                                                            ii.      The Commission stated that the new guidelines, including new certificate of appropriateness application need to be distributed to all 24 historic district properties before the January 26, 2005 meeting.  The commission would like these copies in binders.

b.      Commissioner Swierzbin stated that the HDC needs to take part in some more training to better handle upcoming certificate of appropriateness petitions. 


New Business

a.      Chairperson Applegate welcomes new commissioner Donald Deibert to the HDC.

b.       The Commission discussed changes to the new Certificate of Appropriateness application.  Staff will make the requested modifications to the form and e-mail these changes to all the HDC members for additional comments. 

c.      Staff informed the Commission that a training session is being set up to handle Commissioner Swierzbin’s concerns.  This session will take place on a Saturday in February 2005.  The ZBA, Planning Commission and HDC will all take part in this training session.

d.      The 2005 quarterly meeting dates are:  January 26th, April 27th, July 27th and October 26th.  The meetings will start at 7:00 PM.

e.      Staff announced the upcoming Community Roundtables with the City Manager and Commission at the Grace Dow Library.  All participants must pre-register by November 19, 2004.

f.        Commissioner Gross suggested the the HDC begin to discuss what to do recognize the districts tenth anniversary in 2006.  The Commissioners will brainstorm with staff and present their finding at the January 26, 2005 quarterly meeting.



There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Daryl Poprave