Chairperson Applegate called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Roll Call

PRESENT:                                        Terri Applegate, Tim Lichtenwald, Sue      MacKellar, Donald Deibert, Randy Swierzbin,         and Donna Gross

ABSENT:                                           None.

OTHERS PRESENT:                      Daryl Poprave, and John Bucci


Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting on January 26, 2005

It was moved by Deibert and seconded by MacKellar that the minutes from the regular meeting of January 26, 2005 be approved as presented.

      The motion passed unanimously.

      Donna Gross asked that a typo be correction on the Certificate of Appropriateness Application. 

Certificate of Appropriateness

a.      John and Laurel Bucci of 506 West Main Street are seeking a C of A from the HDC to permit the construction of a new, uncovered deck in their rear yard.


Staff introduced the request of John and Laurel Bucci of 506 West Main Street.  Staff explained that the new deck would not be covered and would be located within the rear yard of their home which is enclosed entirely by a 6 foot stockade privacy fence.  Staff showed pictures of style of railings and deck skirting that the applicant’s are proposing to utilize.  The features will match the style and material of the homes from porch.   The decking surface will be treated lumber thus distinguishing it from the original house.

Staff stated that particular care should be taken to ensure that future home owners could remove the modern deck without damaging the abutting home’s siding or masonry.  Thus, the deck should be free-standing and not be attached to the rear of the home. 


Staff stated that this application met all of the Historic District local review standards as well as The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Rehabilitation and thus should be approved.


The applicant, John Bucci, stated that “masonry” motioned in the staff report was actually decorative tin which was not original to the home and thus had no historic value.


Randy Swierzbin stated that the new structure cannot be viewed to the height of the existing fence and thus should not be a significant concern.  He also stated that he wanted to ensure that the deck could be removed in the future without damage to the home.


Donna Gross asked staff what height the deck had to be before railings and guards were required by the Building Code. 


Staff stated that the Michigan Residential Code required railings and guards on all surfaces taller than 30 inches from grade or having 4 or more stair risers.  Because this property will be 24 inches from grade railings will not be required but the applicant could still choose to construct them so long as they match the front porch.


It was moved by Swierzbin and supported by Gross to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness for 506 West Main Street with all of the conditions listed in the staff report including that the deck could be removed in the future without damage to the existing home.


Voting in Support:


Yeas:  Swierzbin, Gross, MacKellar, Lichtenwald, Deibert, Applegate


Nays:  None


The Certificate of Appropriateness for 506 West Main Street was approved unanimously.  Staff will send out the C of A within the next few days.  A copy will also be on file with the Building Dept.


Public Comments

There were no public comments.


Old Business


            a. National Historic Preservation Week is May 1st to 7th and the several           HDC members will be putting together a display and the Herbert D. Doan          Midland County Historic Center showing the renovations that have taken             place   between 2003-2005.

New Business


Swierzbin asked the Chair if the item B could be discussed first.  The Chair agreed and staff stated that the City Manager’s Office was interested in receiving comments in writing from Boards and Commissions members wishing to comment on the new policy that has been in effect since July 2004.


Next, the Commission received an update from the Chair on her attendance at the recent State of Michigan Historic Preservation Conference which was held on April 15, 2005 in East Lansing, MI.  All in all the attendees (Deibert, Applegate, and Staff) were impressed with the information that was presented.  A significant amount of information was presented on the State’s tax credit programs.


Staff stated that during the conference contact was made with the SHPO Architect and that the State would be more than willing to come up to Midland to discuss the tax credit programs in more detail with the Commission.  Staff will try to arrange some type of presentation for the next meeting.


Donna Gross stated that the Commission should create a tax credit checklist to give out to residents to help them complete the tax credit application and avoid pitfalls.


Finally, staff suggested that revisions needed to be made to the existing Historic District Ordinance to change the number of members, quorum requirements, and adjust meeting dates.  Staff will propose some revisions in June and pass them along to the members for comment.  Staff would like the Commission to make recommendations on these revisions at their next meeting.  Because this is a City Ordinance the City Council must ultimately approve any changes. 


Donna Gross asked if the new C of A had been mailed to all of the residents.  Staff stated that it had not but would be before the next meeting.  The Chair suggested that the new resident packet information be included with these mailings.  Staff will work with the Chair to see that this is accomplished.




There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,



Daryl Poprave