Chairperson Applegate called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Roll Call 

PRESENT:             Terri Applegate, Ernie Bedford, Jacinth Black, Donald Deibert, Tim Lichtenwald, Richard Osburn

ABSENT:               Sue MacKellar

OTHERS PRESENT: Daryl Poprave, City Planner and one other citizen.


Introduction of new members


Jacinth Black, Ernie Bedford and Richard Osburn each gave brief introductions of themselves and explained their interests in historic preservation.


Organizational Meeting


Chairperson Applegate stated that she did not wish to seek re-election as Chair of the HDC.  She opened up nominations for Chair for the next year. 

Lichtenwald nominated Deibert for Chairman and this nomination was seconded by Osburn.  Hearing no further nominations for Chairman, a vote was taken and Don Deibert was unanimously elected Chairman.  Mr. Deibert’s chairmanship will become effect at the October 25, 2006 meeting.

Next, Deibert nominated Black for Vice-Chair of the HDC and this nomination was seconded by Osburn.  Hearing no further nominations for Vice-Chair, a vote was taken and Jacinth Black was unanimously elected Vice-Chairperson.


Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting on April 5, 2006

It was moved by Deibert and seconded by Lichtenwald that the minutes from the regular meeting of October 26, 2005 be approved as presented.

      The motion passed unanimously.

Certificate of Appropriateness



Public Comments

There were no public comments.


Old Business



New Business


a. The Chair gave a recap of her experience at the Michigan Historic Preservation Conference that she attended in Saginaw, Michigan this past spring (April 20th to the 22nd).


b. Don Deibert explained the premise behind producing a historic district video to increase awareness of the District.  Don also suggested that this might be a good project to implement outside of the Historic District Commission and City budget process.


It was moved by Deibert and supported by Lichtenwald to proceed informally with producing a historical video on MCTV without direct HDC interaction.  This motion was approved unanimously.


c. Three minor certificates of appropriateness (C of A) were introduced and explained briefly by Staff.  These C of A were located at 505, 509 and 601 West Main Street.


d. 2006/2007 projects – Several potential projects were discussed by Staff:


1. The creation and installation of new street signs in the District.  Staff suggested that the HDC set up a subcommittee to create a District logo, color scheme, cost and sign script and report back to the full commission at the October 25, 2006 meeting several of these options.  The public and district residents will also be asked to participate.


It was moved by Osburn and supported by Black to set up a subcommittee of the HDC to create logos and street signs for installation in the District.  This motion was approved unanimously.  The subcommittee members are Terri Applegate, Dick Osburn, and Tim Lichtenwald.  Applegate will Chair the subcommittee.  This subcommittee will report back to the full commission October 25, 2006 with the sign options and costs.


2.  Staff also briefly discussed the possibility of seeking grant funding to erect a larger entry sign on the south side of West Main Street on City owned property.  Staff will explore funding options and the HDC will discuss this project in further detail at a later date.


3.  Jacinth Black stated that she would like to develop a Historical Walking Tour for next year’s Midland River Days Festival.  She stated that the Midland County Historical Society volunteers could be utilized to pull this event off.


4.  Staff suggested that a representative of the Midland County Historic Society (MCHS), possibly Gary Skory come to the October 25, 2006 meeting to discuss how the HDC can become more involved with the MCHS.


5. Staff informed the HDC that there is a fall Historic Preservation Conference planned for Bay City on September 22-24, 2006.  As soon as more information becomes available, it will be transmitted to the HDC.                      




Hearing no further business, the Chair adjourned the meeting at 7:53 PM. 


Respectfully submitted,


Daryl Poprave