Chairperson Deibert called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Roll Call

PRESENT:                                        Ernie Bedford,

                                                            Jacinth Black, Donald Deibert,                              Tim Lichtenwald, 

                                                            Richard Osburn, Sue MacKellar


ABSENT:                                           Terri Applegate

OTHERS PRESENT:                     Daryl Poprave, Deputy Planning Director, Debbie Marquardt, Technical Secretary and 1 other.


Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting on October 25, 2006

It was moved by Osburn and seconded by Lichtenwald that the minutes from the regular meeting of October 25, 2006 be approved as presented.

      The motion passed unanimously.

Certificate of Appropriateness


a.         Terri Applegate – 109 Ripley StreetConvert rear windows to French

            doors to create a rear exit and construct a new 10 ft. by 10 ft. wood deck

            in the rear yard. 


Daryl Poprave showed the location of the property on an aerial map and it is within the historic district.  The petitioner is Terri Applegate and she would like to replace windows with a French door and put in a porch similar to the one in the front of the house.  A certificate of appropriateness is required prior to construction.  The standards used for review are federal and local guidelines.  Care should be taken by the applicant that future occupants can remove the deck so it should be free standing.  The deck should not be blocked off and painted to match.  Staff would recommend that this certificate of appropriateness be approved.


S. MacKellar stated that Terri has been a good influence and this will be good for her property.


It was moved by S. MacKellar and supported by J. Black.  The motion passed unanimously.


Public Comments


Mike Story, 605 W. Main Street, he wondered if the board considered street lights because it is so dark with the big trees.  If it would be possible to extend the nice lighting from Main Street, to maybe the bridge at Currie Park.


D Deibert stated that they had discussions about adding lighting and signs to the districts consistent to the architect period.  They heard back from City Council that it was their view that these type of changes would not normally be done so therefore, there would be an assessment to the district and that will be a topic of further discussion as time goes on.  They will discuss that tonight.  He suggested that the residents that live in the district put a letter together and submit it to the City Council.


Old Business


1.         Sign – The last time we talked about it there was a discussion about a cost effective way to put a sign together.


They were waiting for the Wayfinding signs to show up and that was funded by Entranceways Initiative Task Force.  The signs are the modern Alden B. Dow style.  The group should try to get some private funding for a sign for the district.  The commissioners should drive around town and see the signs.  Some of the signs do recognize the historic district.  They should try to match one of the colors on the entranceway signs.  They would also like a logo on the sign and that will require some work.  They should bring back some examples in July.  They voted on a style of street signs at the last meeting.  Sue will continue to work on that.  They should use a historic color and maybe the green they are using in the Wayfinding signs.


J. Black stated that the green might be too close to a street sign.  Maybe the green might blend in with the trees and not be as visible.  There was a historically color that was called bombay red, which is a brick red that was popular.


D Poprave can bring in some different colors.  There will be limitations on the colors. 

S. MacKellare asked if they will they need approval to change them? 


They can get a recommendation from this board at the July meeting.  Daryl will send out the colors to the residents in the packet for the July meeting.  They are involving the residents.


2.            Video – E. Bedford stated that he made several contacts with the staff at MCTV.  He was hoping a new intern would volunteer.  They are willing to provide training and they have equipment available.  He contacted CMU hoping for a project for an intern or student to get into the business to make a 15 minute video and they ran into an issue of cost.  He contacted the staff at Delta College and made the same proposal for a project for students and he has not received a response yet.  They don’t have a budget and that makes it frustrating.  One of the things he wanted to throw out is it appropriate to solicit dollars.  CMU is willing to do it for a fee.  Would it be appropriate for us to solicit for sponsors?


D. Deibert is trained with MCTV and asked if Sue would be willing to help and they could get together and go to MCTV and just do it with some people with historic knowledge.  They will cover the district and show some pictures and talk about the houses and show some scenes and what the significance is.  The goal is to have something to show during historic district week and to show on MCTV.  He suggests that a couple commit they are willing to do it.


Sue asked if they are available to apply for a grant with the signs, lighting or the video project.  They seem to come up to a brick wall because of funding.  Maybe if they had a grant to help with some of these things instead of going to the district and asking for an assessment because it would benefit the whole community.


Is the city willing to do the signage?  They will put an estimate together.  The signs are what is going to take the most money.


R Osburn - do they need permission from City Council to apply for funding? 


D. Poprave stated that he will talk to Jan McGuire about the procedure for funding.


MCTV has training all the time.  You have to pay $20 and they are very helpful. 


If they are going to send a letter to the residents about the signage, should they also ask the residents if they would like to be in the video? Terri has contacted the residents.


D. Deibert and E. Bedford are basically going to coordinate this video and they are not artistic and will need a spokesperson.  They will contact Gary Skory for photos and they won’t have time to do more than three houses.  They will use digital pictures of the houses and not use video and solely shoot the video in the studio. 


New Business

a.            Terri Applegate’s commission position is open.


Daryl did send out a letter with the agenda to all 24 properties in the disrict stating he was looking for a resident to be on the board.  One person did respond.  It is a historic soceity representatives.  Gary Skory will sponsor that individual.  


Dick asked if they could send a thank you to Terri Applegate.


b.            Historic Building Rehab Seminar – May 18, 2007.


In your packet you have the flier, Downtown Midland is sponoring the seminar.  There is a cost and there is limited seating so they would like you to RSVP. 


c.            116 Auburn Street – C of A issued for minor class of work.


The Certificate of Appropriateness was issued by staff for a brick patio and landscaping in the back yard.  It was a great beautification project.


J. Black asked if anyone was interested in attending the Michigan Historic Preservationconference.  Mr. Osburn went last year.  This is the conference we get the most out of.  This is a good training opportunity.   




It was moved by R. Osburn and seconded by E. Bedford.

Hearing no further business, the Chair adjourned the meeting at 7:45 PM. 


Respectfully submitted,


Daryl Poprave