Chairperson Deibert called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


1.  Roll Call

PRESENT:                                        Ernie Bedford,

                                                            Jacinth Black, Donald Deibert,                              Tim Lichtenwald, 

                                                            Sue MacKellar

                                                            Mike Storey


ABSENT:                                           Richard Osburn

OTHERS PRESENT:                     Daryl Poprave, Deputy Planning Director, Debbie Marquardt, Technical Secretary and 1 other.


2.  New Member Introduction

Michael Storey – Welcome to the commission.  He lives in the district and      moved here in 2003 from the United Kingdom.  He lives at 505 West Main Street.

3.  Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting on April 25, 2007

     It was moved by Bedford and seconded by MacKellar that the minutes from

     the regular meeting of April 25, 2007 be approved as presented.

           The motion passed unanimously.

4.  Election of Officers

     Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for fiscal year 2007-2008.

It was moved by MacKellar and seconded by Bedford that Don Deibert remains Chairperson and Jacinth Black is Vice Chair for fiscal year 2007-2008.  The motion passed unanimously.


5.  Certificate of Appropriateness


a.    William Brenton – 411 West Main StreetRemove an exterior chimney on the house.


Mr. Poprave gave an overview of the subject site.  This property seeks a certificate of appropriateness to remove an existing abandoned chimney.  This property is a duplex structure, a two-unit home, and he would like to remove the chimney, resheet the roof and reshingle with matching shingles.  The removal shall be classified as major work and shall seek board approval.  Staff recommends the certificate be denied because it does not adhere to the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation and the Historic District Commission Guidelines.


Ms. MacKeller stated that they should go along with the guidelines. Mr. Brenton would also like to reroof and that is a minor class.


Ms. Black stated that it is hard for a rental and most landlords have a mental set of how much rent can be maintained for the amount of money that is put in.  His charge is to preserve the footprint and silhouette. 


Mr. Lichtenwald stated that he might have a leak that he is trying to fix.  He could reflash around the chimney.  There must be some damage occurring inside the building and he is trying to get rid of it.


It was moved by Black and seconded by Lichtenwald to approve the certificate of appropriate requested by the property owner at 411 West Main Street. 



NAY:         Bedford, Black, Deibert, Lichtenwald, MacKellar, Storey

ABSENT:  Obsurn    


The motion was denied 6-0.


6.    Public Comments (not related to agenda items)


Ed Sanders, 714 West Main Street.  Street signage around the city has increased but there isn’t any way for someone to find West Main Street Historic District by using the signage.  There is a sign with cultural and historic district but he has never heard of a cultural and historic district.  There are two signs between Clover and Sugnet.  There is no further signage near Jerome.  The foundation wanted input on how they could improve the signage and he would like to see the district make the contact and have the signage include the district and the streets leading to it and also the thoroughfares.  He would like to encourage people to visit the district and make the signs appropriate.


7.  Old Business


     1.    Main Street video project update - chair

The plan is that after the meeting tonight they will meet for further discussion.  This is a project of a couple of members.  They are preparing a 15 minute video that highlights a couple of houses and will play on MCTV. 

8.  New Business

1.     2007 Board and Commissions goal setting.

The City manager has been working for several months trying to implement some new council goals to upgrade our budget document so that it will be formatted differently and includes goals from all boards and commissions. The citizens know that the current budget document is a spreadsheet of numbers but it doesn’t tell you what they are doing.  The new document will have citizens clearly see what is going on.  It really gets the boards and commissions thinking of what types of things they would like to focus on without the staff narrowing it. 


There was community input through the roundtables.  Then there was project specific.  The goals of the current city council was established last year.

Mr. Deibert highlight the topics for the board.

1.         Having unique street signs.

2.         Introduction or a sign at the entranceway to the historic district.

3.         Lighting with architectually consistent poles.

4.         Plaques about each house in the district.

It was decided to have the city do the video.

Another suggestion was general information to the community about the historic district.  One thing was street tours during Riverdays and community education.


Ms. MacKeller stated that where the history museum is located that would be to their benefit to have part of these things as their goals.


Ms. Black suggested a horse and carrage.  She feels that is an alliance that the historic district could look into.  That would make the district more available.  There are people who have not been through the Carriage House or the Bradly House.


Ms. MacKellar thinks that part of the goals that they would like to have the historic district more visible with signs, plaques and lighting.


Mr. Storey stated that there is no point in putting signs in the district if you can’t get the people to the district.


Mr. Deibert summarizes the list of goals and that they talked about signage at the entrance to the historict distirct and that would fit within the city budget.  They are planning to work with the entranceway group to expand some of the signage for the historic distrct.


MacKeller would like the signs to look like a history sign.


Deibert thought that the tours and carriage rides would be the role of the history museum.  That would be easier to sell the foundations on.


He would also like the city to do some type of survey.  There is 17 homes in the district.  See if there is an interest in expanding the district. 


Should they put the Bradley House, video and tours on the list of goals?  Mr. Deibert stated that he would ask each member how they feel.


Mr.  Storey feels they should be on the list.

Mr. Lichtenwald said that no it should not be on the list, that is something that the funding comes from somewhere else.

Ms. MacKellar said no they should stick with the signs

Mr. Deibert says no.

Ms. Black said that yes she would like to see it on the list.  It doesn’t have to have the highest priority and she would like to have it in addition to the others.  The historict distirct had such a bad reputation for a year or two and many people have not heard about the district since then.  A property has to be continguous to the district to join.  She would like to reeducate the people.  They haven’t been in the papers or print since those days and people remember the negative aspects. 


Mr. Bedford agrees that the district is lacking.  He agrees with Don and they need to engage to get more participation in the district and see what they want like tours.  He may consider it next year.


Right now there are 17 or 18 houses in the district.  Should they add that to the list to have the city send out a survey.  They would like to examine distrist expansion.

Mr. Bedford prioritzed the goals.

Capitol Items:

1.            Street signs

2.            Entrance signs

3.            Lighting

4.            Plaques



1.          Send out a survey to evaluate the the interest to expand the historic 


            2.         Education, activites and programs

2.     Review minor Certificates of Appropriateness issued in 2007

Three certificates of appropriateness were approved by staff for several homes through the district.

May 14 - 608 West Main Street – replacing windows on the third floor.

May 18 - 702 West Main Street – to extend the current wall around the house.

May 23 - 511 West Larkin Street – reroofed his home with the same style of shingles.




It was moved by MacKeller and seconded by Black

Hearing no further business, the Chair adjourned the meeting at 8:07 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,


Daryl Poprave