Chairperson Black called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


1.  Roll Call

PRESENT:             Ernie Bedford, Jacinth Black, Sandra Jones, Tim Lichtenwald, Richard Osburn, and Mike Storey,


ABSENT:               Donald Deibert            

OTHERS PRESENT: Daryl Poprave, Deputy Planning Director, Debbie

Marquardt, Technical Secretary and one other.            

2.  Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting on July 23, 2008

It was moved by Osburn and seconded by Lichtenwald that the minutes from the regular meeting of July 23, 2008 be approved as corrected.

           #4 should read “Minor” Certificate of Appropriateness.

            #7 1, under new business – each minor certificate should be listed.

      #7 3, under new business – It was noted that a major revision of procedures for application for major and minor certificates of appropriateness occurred in 2002.  Jacinth Black asked if there had been any feedback from residents since the change.  Hearing that no feedback had been received, she suggested that a questionnaire be sent to the residents.  After a brief discussion which indicated a consensus of commissioners, Chairman Deibert instructed …..

            The motion passed unanimously. 

3.  Introduction of New Member

Sandra Jones retired from The Dow Chemical Co in 2002.  She enjoys architectural history and admires people who have a joy and love of living and making architectural structures.


4.  Certificate of Appropriateness

Mike Storey asked to be allowed to abstain from discussion and vote on the next matter since he is the property owner requesting the certificate of appropriateness.  Motion by Osburn, seconded by Lichtenwald to allow Mr. Storey to abstain from action on this certificate of appropriateness.  Motion passed unanimously.


1.    505 West Main Street – new front porch addition.

Daryl Poprave gave a review showing a new aerial map.  Everything outlined in red represent the 24 structures in the West Main Historic District.  Note that the historic district is set up of an overlay district of the Zoning Ordinance.  This board has some authority to look at the style and has the authority to over rule the underlying zoning district.


Staff stated that Mike Storey, 505 W Main is seeking a Certificate of Appropriateness to construct a covered front porch.  The porch will project 8 feet out from the front of the home and be 28 feet in length.  He will utilize the same color and style as the front of the home.  There was a porch on the home and he would like it to match the other homes in the district.  The basis for the involvement states that the historic district commission must review each application before a certificate of appropriateness may be granted. 


Standards for review are based on federal standards.  The staff report stated that a porch could improve the functionality.  All of the material will match the architectural style as indicated in the application.  Staff’s recommendation is that the scrolling be consistent.  Care should be taken when anchoring the front porch as to not damaging the structure.  A new porch should be in similar style as the existing home and trim.  Staff recommends the Certificate of Appropriateness be approved.


Mike Storey stated he bought the house five years ago.  Two years ago they got a Certificate of Appropriateness to paint it the blue color.  He then proceeds to cover the background of the house.  This was the Kelly House and he was a postmaster in 1874 and it is the only Italianate without a porch in the District.  A history file stated that the original house had a wrap around porch.  There are four Italianates in the District; three with different type porches.  Deterioration has taken place and the blocks are cracked and chipped on the concrete platform so there is some work that needs to be done.  The platform will have a double column arrangement and an archway to mimic the arch work of the windows.  The scroll work will match the existing scroll work and the roof will match the existing roof.  The back entranceway will be centered on the kitchen window with a single column entrance to not take away from the front entrance.


The plot plan shows the front line will match up with the neighbor’s porch.  It will encroach in the 25 feet front setback.  The porch will be 54 square feet.  The height of the deck will be 24 inches on concrete pads.  The roof will be 11 feet high.


Richard Osburn asked what they would use for the steps.  Mr. Storey stated that they would be wood.  They don’t have any gutter so this will make the front walk way safer because the water will be deflected to the side.  They won’t use gutter at first to see how it works.  He may come back to the commission if he needs to.  The porch will be all natural wood, white pine.  The scrolls will have to be cut out of block.


The color scheme of the columns and the railings will be the same cream as the house.  The floor of the deck will be same color, light blue and the scrolls will be mustard gold as well as the arch.


Tim Lichtenwald thinks the design is perfect and nothing is objectionable.  Ernie Bedford stated that there was a porch when it was built and the similar homes in the area have porches so it makes sense.  Chairperson Black thinks it beautiful and exemplifies the time period and he put a great deal of thought into it.


It was moved by Bedford and seconded by Jones to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness as requested.  Motion passed unanimously. 


5.  Public Comments (not related to agenda items)




6.  Old Business


1.    Draft of District survey – Black

This is a nine question survey developed for the residents of the historic district.  The commission hasn’t had any feedback since the new procedures took effect in 2002.  The commission would like to understand what the feeling is to adding to and enriching to what is allowed to them in the city ordinance.  The last meeting staff was authorized to put the survey together and mail it.  Chairperson Black was hesitant to do that without the commission reviewing it.  There are three sections.  The first is about the process and how they are aware of the meetings and what the commission is working on.

The second part is neighborhood awareness and would they recommend someone to live in the district and would they be willing to be on the board when a vacancy occurs.  The third section is in regard to signage, educational videos about the homes and the district, printed articles and walking tours.


Mr. Osburn recommends the ratings should be 1 through 5 with 4 stating against and 5 stating strongly against.  Mr. Bedford thinks the survey is what they talked about at the last board meeting.  It appeals to him because it won’t take long to fill out.  Good job for putting it together.


Mr. Lichtenwald asked about the signage listed on the survey.  Who would pay for it?  Should they mention it to the residents?  First they need to find out if they want it then look for the money. 


Mr. Bedford asked about the last section where it says would you be interested in participate or should they say serving on a committee?  Ms. Jones thinks it would be redundant.  Once they receive the response back you can then contact them.


It was moved by Osburn and seconded by Bedford to approve the survey to be sent to the residents of the historic district.  Motion passed unanimously.


Staff will take care of the implementation.  The commission has a meeting in a month and it would be nice to have the surveys mailed and maybe some returned.


7.  New Business

The 2008/2009 meeting dates have been set and will be included in the next packet.


Tim Lichtenwald made some reference material with various termonology and different styles of framing of a house.  Staff will get an electronic copy to pass along to new members.




8.  Adjournment


The Chair adjourned the meeting at 8:00 PM. 



Respectfully submitted,



Daryl Poprave, AICP, CFM