Chairperson Black called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


1.Roll Call

†††† PRESENT:††††† Jacinth Black, Tim Lichtenwald, Richard Osburn, Ed Saunders and Mike Storey,


†††† ABSENT:†††††††††None

†††† VACANCY:††††††† Two

†††† OTHERS PRESENT: Keith Baker, Planning Director, Debbie Marquardt, Technical Secretary and 2 others.


Ed Saunders is the newly appointed member to the West Main Street Historic

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† District Commission and they still have two vacancies.Ed is a resident of the historic district.


2.Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting on April 22, 2009

It was moved by Osburn and seconded by Lichtenwald that the minutes from the meeting of April 22, 2009 be approved as presented.The motion passed unanimously.

3.Certificate of Appropriateness


Staff report on administratively approved Certificates of Appropriateness (minor) since the last meeting.


Mr. Baker gave an overview of the number of projects that took place in the district and administratively reviewed in the past year.


415 West Main Street, replaced steel casement, picture and awning windows issued 6-2-09.


502 West Main Street constructed a new covered side porch, third story stairwell, third story gable, replaced exterior windows, renovated kitchen and renovated landscaping.Acted upon by WMHDC on 4-22-09.


505 West Main Street installation of gutters issued 8-31-09.Construct new covered front porch issued by WMHDC on 9-24-08.


506 West Main Street replaced two rear windows and replaced four existing rear windows with a new sliding French door.


601 West Main Street replacing 18 exterior windows issued 7-17-09.


714 West Main Street replacing eight exterior windows issued 7-31-09.


802 West Main Street replaced roof issued 8-13-09.


511 West Larkin new vinyl siding, dentil detailing, gutters, shutters and landscaping issued 8-4-09.


Mr. Baker wanted to bring to the boardís attention that 1/3 of the district were having projects done in 2009.


4.Public Comments (not related to agenda items)




5. Old Business


††††† Review of River Days Walking Tour program.


Mrs. Black stated that this was the first time that they organized something like this.They asked the Historical Society to help them with this.They had stations at 115 Ripley, 502 West Main, and 608 and 714 West Main.Each person had a map and a table and they would tell about the houses in the immediate vicinity.While the weather wasnít good, they had 75 people take the sidewalk tour.They had many positive comments about how interesting it was and they talked about the dedication of the owners who are preserving the properties.It was an easy tour to give and people are interested and it would be worthwhile to do next year.This was done during Riverdays and there were many activities going on.They were in the paper and on the city web site.Mrs. Black suggested they do it again next year.


Mr. Osburn stated that if they can find the people to help it is a good idea.Mr. Saunders said that the people taking the tour were spread out over two hours making it interesting and manageable for the volunteers.


††††† Committee Reports.


Ms Black asked about the lights in the district.A letter dated in January stated there would be a meeting in the summer and Consumers would make a decision if there is a need.


Mr. Baker will follow up with the engineering department.


Mrs. Black stated that once they get the approval that the need is there they can look for grants.


Mrs. Black asked about the tax credit.Mr. Storey stated that he hasnít applied for it yet but he hopes to by the end of the year.Mrs. Black stated that they received a memo from City Planner Cindy Winland and she pointed out the changes.You have five years to apply for possible reimbursement of up to 100% of the cost.Mrs. Black stated she was surprised that there is a fee now for the different applications.


Mr. Baker stated that at the state level they have fees for applications.There are two people state wide that handles administration of this program.


Mrs. Black stated that the historical residents donít have to be in the district to be eligible.There is a cash refund up to 90% and not to exceed $250,000.It covers both minor and major renovations.


Mrs. Black asked how it was going in creating a list if contractors.Mr. Storey and Mr. Saunders put a list together.They would like to solicit input from all of the residents.There is a whole body of information and he would like input from the other people.Should they ask the residents to respond individually or to go back to the planning department and forward it to the commission?


Mr. Baker stated that the city would not want to be in a position to provide recommendations for one contractor over another.They could list who does what type of work and who has special trades.He would caution the board not to pick and choose but having something available for homeowners would be beneficial.


Mr. Story stated they would put together a list of projects and who did the projects and they could see the work and they would tell them know who did the work.


Mrs. Black asked if they were thinking about knocking on doors or doing a questionnaire and have the people call them up.Mr. Saunders stated that they could do it in writing and make it voluntary.


Mr. Osburn asked about a listing of homes in Midland that are on the state register of historic places or is there any way to get a hold of that.Mr. Baker isnít aware of a local list but it should be available through the State Historical Preservation Office.Mr. Saunders stated that there was a list of the Alden B. Dow structures but he has no idea where the listing would be.


6.New Business

Approval of 2010 West Main Street Historic District Commission meeting schedule.


††††† Motion by Saunders , second by Osburn to accept the proposed meeting dates as presented.Motion passed unanimously.


††††† 7.Adjournment


†††† The Chair adjourned the meeting at 7:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Keith Baker, AICP

Director of Planning and Community Development