Chairperson Black called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


1.  Roll Call

     PRESENT:        Jacinth Black, Bruce Kanuch, Kari McPhillips, Richard Osburn, Ed Saunders and Mike Storey,


     ABSENT:           None

     VACANCY:        One

     OTHERS PRESENT: Brad Kaye, Planning Director, and Cheri King, Community Development Specialist.


2.  Election of Officers


Moved by Saunders, supported by Osburn, to nominate Jacinth Black for

Chairperson.  Motion passed unanimously.


Moved by Storey, supported by Kanuch to nominate Richard Osburn for Vice

Chairperson.  Motion passed unanimously.


3.  Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting on April 28, 2010

It was moved by Osburn and seconded by Saunders that the minutes from the meeting of April 28, 2010 be approved as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.   A copy of the minutes will be sent to the 24 property owners in the Historic District.


4.  Certificate of Appropriateness


Staff report on administratively approved Certificates of Appropriateness (minor) since the last meeting.  (None)


Mike Storey asked to be excused from deliberations on this Certificate of Appropriateness as he is the petitioner.  The Commission agreed.



Brad Kaye presented the request for Certificate of Appropriateness.  The petitioners are Mike Storey and Jean Cronin, to allow for the replacement of an existing shingled roof approximately 15 ft by 6 ft in size, with a rubber sheathed roof at 505 W. Main Street. 


The area they are proposing to re-roof is at the rear of the house and not visible from the street.  The roof there is nearly flat and does not allow for water runoff.  There are different roof slopes and different roof angles involved.  Water leakage has continued since the replacement of the shingled roof five years ago. 


Standards of Review - U. S.


1.    Historic Property Use

      Property will continue to be used for residential purposes


2.    Historic Character of Property shall be retained and preserved

Change in roofing material will better enable preservation of the historic structure


3.    Property shall be recognized as a physical record of its time, place and use

      The existing structure and use will be maintained.


4.    Changes of historic significance shall be retained and preserved

No changes of historic significant will be impacted by the application


5.    Distinctive features, finishes and construction techniques or examples of craftsmanship shall be preserved

      Not applicable


6.    Deteriorated historic features shall be repaired rather than replaced

The roofing material to be replaced is not a historic feature


7.    Treatments that cause damage to historic materials shall not be used

      Not applicable


8.   Archaeological resources shall be protected and preserved

      Not applicable


9.   Historic materials that characterize the property shall not be destroyed

      Not applicable


10. Additions and related new construction shall not impair the essential form and integrity of the historic property

      Not applicable


Standards for Review - City


1.    Value and significance of the resource and relationship to the surrounding area

      Proposed material appears to be appropriate and compatible


2.    Relationship of the exterior architectural feature to the resource and surrounding area

      Appropriate and compatible


3.    General compatibility

      Proposed material appears to be appropriate and compatible


4.    Other factors, such as aesthetics, that the Commission finds relevant

      None identified by staff


Staff recommendation is for approval.  No public comments have been received either in favor of or in opposition to this request.


Mike Storey, 505 W. Main Street, stated they had owned the house for 3-4 years when they replaced the shingles on the house.  When they did that work, they looked to replace the existing shingles with like shingles.  There was an ice shield placed underneath the shingles in the flat roofed area.  After two or three years, they noticed some paint peeling in the bathroom in that area.  The contractor stated the only way that he can guarantee the flat roof won’t leak again is to replace it with a rubber roof.  If he replaced it with shingles, he could not guarantee it would not leak again.  The slope of the roof is between six inches to a foot over a 6 foot span in this area.  They have looked at options so they do not get the ice damming.  The builder said they could try using a heat tape to melt it down but that is an expensive alternative.  They looked at the high quality ice shield option, but what is already there is high quality. 


The house next door has significant rubber roofing on its flat surfaces.  The only view of this roof is out their bedroom window.  He did some research on the rubber roof technology and that is the answer to the problems they are having.  Ed Saunders stated flat roofs are a problem in many houses in the historic district.  With ice and snow on a flat roof or slightly inclined roof, water is a problem.  He feels the biggest issue is that you keep your property in a safe and preserved condition.  Kari McPhillips asked if the builder saw any holes where the water was coming through.  Mr. Storey stated the ice shield is a membrane but once you put the nails through for the shingles, you punch a hole in the membrane.  You always take a chance that the holes will not reseal themselves.  Bruce Kanuch stated he used to live on Holyrood and they had many flat roofs in that area.  Trying to put shingles on a flat roof is an impossible situation. 


Mr. Storey stated they are looking at a Firestone High Seal roof.  Jacinth Black stated they have materials today that were not available in historic times.  If we have an Italianate house, we need to maintain Italianate features.  This seems to be a good solution for the time being.  It is worth giving it a try.


Ed Saunders moved they accept the petitioners Appropriateness as presented.  Motion was seconded by Bruce Kanuch.  Motion passed unanimously.


Mike Storey re-joined the Commission at the diaz.


5.  Public Comments (not related to agenda items)




6.  New Business


Jacinth Black announced that Riverdays will be held again this year on July 20-21st. 


7.  Old Business


8.  Adjournment


     The Chair adjourned the meeting at 7:29 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,




C. Bradley Kaye, AICP

Director of Planning and Community Development