MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009, 3:00 P.M.





  I.  Roll Call


PRESENT:   Bob Burgess, Dick Darger, Fran Hamburg, Rick Loose and Steve Rapanos


ABSENT:    None


STAFF:        Keith Baker, Planning Director, Cheri King, Community Development Specialist, Cathy Marcy, Manager of Riverside Place, and Candy Balis, Manager of Washington Woods


OTHERS:    John Palen (Midland Issues), Cathy Nelson Price (Midland Daily News), Sharon Mortensen (Shelterhouse) and Terri Caddy (Disability Network)


II.  Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of March 30, 2009


      A motion was made by Mr. Rapanos, seconded by Mrs. Hamburg to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 30, 2009.  The motion passed unanimously.


III.  Public Comments


        There were no public comments.


IV.  Old Business


A.    Housing Needs Assessment Update


Mr. Baker reported that staff has sent input to Kelly Murdock for the Housing Needs Assessment, but the final document is not ready yet.  Mr. Murdock was asked to update some of the statistical data in addition to presenting “best practices” he has seen from around the State of Michigan.  The original delivery date of this document was to have been completed in December, 2008.  Mr. Murdock will present the final report at the September Housing Commission meeting.


B.     Paired Testing Update


Patricia Baird has not completed her analysis of the information obtained from the paired testing.  She requests to be placed on the agenda for the September Housing Commission meeting to present her findings.


V.  New Business


A.   Purchase of 1005 North Street


The City of Midland Building Department has deemed the house at 1005 North Street unsuitable for human occupancy due to the nature of the condition of the home’s interior.  An estimated value has been established of $17,500.  Demolition costs are estimated at $5,000 so the proposed selling price is $12,500.  They have a CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Loan in the amount of $4,500 that will have to be paid back to the city out of the sale price so the homeowner will net a little less than $8,000 after taxes are pro-rated.


Motion by Mr. Rapanos, seconded by Mrs. Hamburg to recommend approval of the purchase of property at 1005 North Street using Housing Commission funds.  Motion passed 5-0.


B.     CDBG-R Funding Proposal


The City of Midland expects to receive $66,154 I Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  This requires a substantial amendment to the 2008 CDBG budget.


Staff proposes using the $66,154 in CDBG funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help very-low and low-income residents from the areas of Welch and Laughton Drives, and Sandow Road, Prairie Creek Drive, and Elmer, Glen and Solomon Roads connect to sanitary sewer from the street to their homes.  Administration funds in the amount of $12,000 will be appropriated for the oversight of these projects and $54,154 will be used for the actual projects, making the sewer connections to the homes.  A motion was made by Mr. Rapanos, seconded by Mrs. Hamburg, to recommend approval of using $66,154 from the ARRA funds for Housing Rehabilitation Loans for sanitary sewer connections, as recommended by staff.  Motion passed unanimously.


C.    Review of Housing Commission Priorities


Housing Commission priorities, set on September 24, 2007, were discussed.  The goals included the following:


(1)   Build two (2) new barrier-free CHOICE homes – The building trades homes the last two years have been built zero-step, universal design, and barrier free, in partnership with the Reece Community Living Endeavor, the ARC of Midland and Community Mental Health.  The proposed project for the 2009-2010 school year is also proposed to be zero-step, universal design and barrier free, again in partnership with the ARC of Midland and Community Mental Health.


(2)   Acquire one (1) property for future construction.  Since this goal was set, we have purchased one property at 3308 Aaron Court and we will be purchasing the property at 1005 North Street. 


(3)   Community Outreach Components have been achieved through the establishment and attendance by Housing Commission members and Housing Department staff, of the Fair Housing Advisory Council.  This group has done training for local landlords and held a presentation for realtors and lenders at the annual realtor’s awards program.


(4)   Line item for future studies – This has been accomplished with the contracted Housing Needs Assessment study and the paired testing analysis.


              Chairman Loose stated he would like to have a special meeting to discuss future priorities and goal setting.  However, he would like to have the final reports from the Housing Needs Assessment and the Paired Testing Analysis prior to the goal setting process.  Sharon Mortensen, from Shelterhouse, stated she would be willing to present the goals stated in the 10-year plan to end Homelessness, as adopted by the Continuum of Care.  Perhaps some of the goals could be combined and pursued by both entities.


D.    Future Meeting Date


The next meeting of the Midland City Housing Commission will be changed from Monday, September 14, 2009 to Monday, September 21, 2009 as Mr. Rapanos will be unable to attend on September 14th.  Motion by Mr. Darger, seconded by Mr. Burgess to change the meeting date from September 14, 2009, to September 21, 2009.  Motion passed unanimously.


VI.       Reports


A.    Thanks to Mrs. Hamburg


Mr. Loose reported that this will be Fran Hamburg’s last meeting as a member of the Midland City Housing Commission as her term expires June 30th and she will not be renewing her appointment.  A heartfelt thanks goes out to Mrs. Hamburg for her many years of service and best wishes in her future endeavors.


B.     CDBG Update


Staff met the 1.5 spending goal early again this year.  Our current ratio is 0.83 times the current year’s grant.  The final grant amount for the 2009-2010 fiscal year will be $244,621, or $1,032 higher than anticipated, using last year’s grant amount as our estimate for funding purposes.  A budget amendment will be done in April to appropriate these funds when the city’s Finance Department does their annual budget amendments to account for the additional funding.



C.    CHOICE Update


The Midland Public Schools’ Building Trades house at 204 Vail Street is approximately ninety percent complete.  The project is on schedule to be done by the end of the school year.  The Open House will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2009 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.


The house at 309 E. Grove Street is completed and a family will be moving in shortly.  The Housing Commission gave this property to Habitat for Humanity last fall to build a Habitat house with the Delta College Building Trades class.


D.    Senior Housing Update   


Riverside Place – Occupancy is at 100%.  They are averaging three move-outs per month.  They are getting ready for summer.


 Washington Woods – Occupancy is at 99%, as they have one vacancy.  They have a shorter waiting list than Riverside Place.  They are also averaging about three (3) vacancies per month.  Their Tenant Council made $1,300 on a rummage sale and will be using some of these funds to purchase new televisions for the common areas in the building.


Mr. Baker reported the city received a grant from the Strosacker Foundation to do a feasibility study of updating Washington Woods and planning for future renovation of the facility.  The building is getting to be 30 years old.


VIII.  Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 3:53 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheri King



Minutes approved by the Midland City Housing

Commission on Monday, September 21, 2009