MONDAY, MARCH 4, 2013, 3:00 P.M.





I.Roll Call


PRESENT: Bob Burgess, Rick Loose, Sharon Mortensen and Steve Rapanos


ABSENT: †† Bill Garchow


STAFF:††††††† Brad Kaye, Director of Planning and Community Development, Jeff Burdick, Community Development Planner and Candy Balis, Manager of Washington Woods


OTHERS:††† Catherine Lunsford, Midland County Treasurer and 6 others


II.Approval of Minutes of the Special Meeting of February 27, 2013

Motion by Steve Rapanos, seconded by Sharon Mortensen, to approve the minutes of the Special Meeting of February 27, 2013, as presented.Motion passed unanimously.


III. Public Comments



IV. Reports

a.)    Senior Housing Update

Candy Balis reported that Riverside Place is at 100% occupancy with a short waiting list, while Washington Woods is at 94% occupancy with no waiting list.It remains the goal of each facility to have 100% occupancy with waiting lists to fill rooms as they become available.


b.)   Legal Services of Eastern Michigan Fair Housing Testing

Patricia Baird presented the latest fair housing testing results to the Commission.She noted that utilizing disability status in fair housing testing has been a special project of the LSEM over the past year.Commissioner Mortensen asked Baird if she has any recommendations for how the Housing Commission act on the testing results.Commissioner Burgess asked if there are any seminars or training sessions related to disabilities and fair housing.Baird replied that she would be happy to provide a training session at no cost to area landlords and realtors regarding this subject.Brad Kaye asked if a written report would accompany the data that Baird provided to the Commission.Baird replied that a written report could be provided in the future.


Nick Kurutz with LSEM stated that a LSEM would like to reestablish a quarterly advisory council on fair housing with Midland area landlords, housing agencies, and realtors.Jeff Burdick stated that he would work with Kurutz on establishing these council meetings.


c.)    Midland County Land Bank update

Catherine Lunsford, the Midland County Treasurer, distributed a list of Midland properties in tax forfeiture.She noted that Courtney Knox from the Center for Community Progress will be facilitating a meeting in the near future to establish a goals and a mission for a future Midland County Land Bank.Lunsford also notified the Commission of the Treasurerís tax foreclosure prevention program and passed out a brochure concerning this program.


d.)   Crime Free Housing Program

Officer Dan Keeler with the Midland Police Department presented information about the Crime Free Housing Program.This program has been successful in many communities throughout the country, including nearby Saginaw Township, where its implementation has led to a huge decrease in service calls at large apartment complexes.Officer Keeler outlined some of the major points of the program, including a crime free lease addendum which would be part of all leases at housing complexes that participate in the program.Commissioner Mortensen informed Officer Keeler of the need for such a program to be sensitive to the situation of domestic violence victims.



V.New Business

a)      Finalize CDBG 2013-2014 Program Year Budget

Burdick notified the Commission that he spoke with a HUD Department of Labor Relations representative concerning the possible exemption of the Midland County Education Services Agency Longview playground project from Davis Bacon regulation due to 100% volunteer labor.The HUD Labor Relations representative had not yet rendered a final decision as to whether this project could be exempt from Davis Bacon regulations, but stated that the chance of this exemption being issued would be very unlikely.Burdick suggested that the Commission make a motion regarding the CDBG budget that provided an alternative funding scenario, should this exemption not be granted by HUD.


Mortensen motioned that the Housing Commission recommend to City Council the 2013-2014 CDBG Proposed Budget that was included in the Housing Commission packet for the March 4, 2013 regular Housing Commission meeting.Should HUD not approve the Davis Bacon exemption for the $24,977 Midland County Education Services Agency project, the budget should be amended to include the following:

-          $5,000 should reprogrammed to Safe and Sound Child Advocacy

-          $15,500 should be reprogrammed to Cleveland Manor

-          $4,477 should be reprogrammed to the Contingency line item.


Rapanos seconded the motion and it passed unanimously (4-0).



VI. Future Meeting Date

a)      June 3, 2013


VII.†††† Adjournment

††††††††††† The meeting was adjourned at 4:07 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Jeffrey Burdick

Community Development Planner