MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2013, 3:00 P.M.




1.   Roll Call


PRESENT:   Bill Garchow, Rick Loose, Rob Wright and Bob Burgess


ABSENT:    Sharon Mortensen


OTHERS     Brad Kaye, Director of Planning & Community Development, Grant Murschel,

PRESENT:   Community Development Planner and Candy Balis, Manager of Washington Woods Senior Living Community.  


2.   Approval of Minutes

a.)    Special Meeting – August 26, 2013

Motion by Garchow, seconded by Burgess, to approve the minutes of the Special Meeting of August 26, 2013, as presented.  Motion passed unanimously (4-0).


3.   Public Comments



4.   Reports

      a.)  Senior Housing Update – Candy Balis

      Candy Balis updated the Commission on the current state of Washington Woods and Riverside Place.  She summarized the reports given to the Commission by herself and Kim Samborn.  She commented that most people who leave Washington Woods leave because they need additional care.  Additionally, now that the seasons have changed, snow removal remains a main priority for maintenance staff at Washington Woods.  


b.)    CDBG Program Update

Murschel reported the updates of the CDBG program.  He highlighted that the home rehabilitation program has conducted two projects this year.  Additionally, all of the agencies awarded public service funds have signed their subrecipient agreements.  Funding approval is still pending from HUD for the remaining home rehabilitation program funds, architectural barrier removal projects and public facility rehabilitation projects.  Approval should be received any day now. 


Kaye mentioned the deadline which takes place at the end of April.  At that time, CDBG funds must be drawn down to 1.5 times the current program award.  He indicated that staff will push forward with the projects to ensure that we meet this deadline.  


5.   New Business

a.)    Sale of 1606 Jefferson Avenue

Murschel began the report by explaining that this lot was acquired through the use of CDBG funds for the purpose of removing a blighted home.  The home has since been removed and the lot is now vacant.  The reason this property has come into subject is due to an interest expressed by the neighboring property owners.  Staff is recommending that the city-owned property be sold as it is of no public interest.


Wright wondered about what role the Housing Commission played in the sale of city property.  Kaye explained that since the acquisition of the property and the removal of the blighted home involved CDBG funds, City Council asked for a recommendation from the Housing Commission prior to any potential sale of this property. 


Motion by Burgess, seconded by Garchow, that the Housing Commission recommend to City Council that the city-owned property located at 1606 Jefferson Avenue be sold on the basis of there being no public interest in the property.  The motion passed unanimously (4-0). 


b.)   CDBG Contingency funds to be used for Home Rehabilitation Project

Murschel presented the staff report regarding the request to use contingency funds for a home rehabilitation project at 4101 Jefferson Avenue. He explained the background of the request as well as the review that has taken place by city staff to assess the situation.  He explained how in order to do the project authorization of the use of contingency funds is required. 


Wright wondered about the process that takes place before a decision is made to do a home rehabilitation project.  Kaye indicated that the city’s housing technician does a full inspection and makes a recommendation as to what needs to be done. 


Loose commented on the size and cost of the project as it relates to the value of the home.  He indicated that it was a plus that the homeowners do not have an outstanding mortgage.  Garchow explained his caution towards this large of a project and wondered if other project requests have been received.  Murschel indicated that the city received two requests this morning for sanitary sewer lead repairs.  Garchow indicated that other requests could be met by not tying all the money up in one project. 


Burgess wondered about the use of leveraging funds through Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis’ Neighborhood Impact Program.  He explained that funds may be able to be leveraged through this program to accomplish this home rehabilitation project.  Murschel indicated that he will look into submitting an application to obtain these funds for this project.    


Motion by Garchow, seconded by Burgess, to not move forward immediately with the use of contingency funds for the home rehabilitation project at 4101 Jefferson Ave, in order to wait and explore the potential leveraging of funds through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis’ Neighborhood Impact Program (NIP).   The motion passed unanimously (4-0). 


6.  Communications

      a.)  2014-2015 CDBG Public Input Sessions – December 11 & 12

Murschel explained the upcoming public input sessions that will be hosted at City Hall.  The meetings will take place in order to gather public input on the issues CDBG funds look to address.  He indicated that the input will be used to formulate the annual action plan that is submitted to HUD for each grant year.  He also indicated that the application deadline for the next CDBG year is January 15, 2014. 


The Commissioners indicated that they would like to keep the structure of the decision making process similar to last year in having the applicants present their requests.  Murschel said that he would inform the agencies that that will be the process again this year.



7.   Future Meeting Date

a)      March 3, 2014


VI. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


Signature.JPGRespectfully submitted,




Grant Murschel, Community Development Planner