Library Board

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers


I.††††††††† Roll Call Ė Stein called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


††††††††††† PRESENT:†††††† Melissa Barnard, Maxine Brink, Stu Bush, Cherie Hutter, Kathleen Kinnish, Marilyn Soules, Judy Stein


††††††††††† ABSENT:††††††† Ann Heard


††††††††††† ALSO PRESENT:†††††† Virginia McKane, Assistant Director; Tony Lascari, Midland Daily News; John Palen, Midland Issues


II.†††††††† Acceptance of Minutes


††††††††††† Minutes of the April 19, 2006 meeting were approved as submitted.


III.†††††† Additions or Changes to the Agenda


††††††††††† There were no additions or changes to the agenda.


IV.†††††† Public Comments


††††††††††† There were no public comments.


V.††††††† Director's Report


††††††††††† Barnard reported that the library held a Spring Writers Event this past weekend.Forty-seven people attended.This event was held in place of the Writers Conference we have had in the past.The event was two hours long and was free of charge.


††††††††††† On Monday night, notable Michigan author Gene Scott did a slide presentation of different places and buildings that he refers to in his book, Michigan Shadow Towns.Sixty-one people attended the program, which was sponsored by the Library of Michigan Foundation and the Michigan Humanities Council.


††††††††††† Hutter offered her congratulations to library assistant Denise Hufford, who has accepted the position of Downtown Events Coordinator.


††††††††††† Stein commented on the increased number of participants in Circle Times during National Library Week.Stein also applauded the staff for receiving the City Manager's Excellence Award in Safety.


††††††††††† McKane gave an overview of a trip by staff to the Ann Arbor District Library to meet with the Technology Coordinator and discuss their services.


††††††††††† McKane informed the Board of the newest addition to Youth Services.The Friends of the Library received a sum of money in memory of long-time Friends member Jackie Froehlich and have purchased a puppet stage with the donations.Three Rivers Construction designed a train caboose as the puppet stage for children.Puppets have also been purchased.The name of the puppet stage is Jackie's Junction.


VI.†††††† Patron Compliments and Concerns


1.                  I was very annoyed to have several phones ring and people hold conversations on them while on the computer.I'd like phones banned from the computer area.

††††††††††† See answer for number 2.


2.                  On many occasions, I have been at the library using the internet for my research for my Master's studies only to be disturbed by another internet user answering and have a conversation.I can't believe nobody has complained about this behavior.Please consider posting something, a sign or whatever, discouraging cell phone use at the computers.Thank you.

††††††††††† Signs are posted about cell phone use.Library staff will alert those on cell phones who are disruptive to others by handing them a card about cell phone use in the library.This will avoid more disruptive conversation between staff and offender.


3.                  I love this library!I have lived in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada, and I have to say this is one of the best libraries I have been to.Your staff is helpful, informative, knowledgeable, and best of all friendly!


4.                  I love the good service you get here and the Teen Room has a groove that's cool.I love the building's policy and I know I would want to go here more often.


5.                  People getting new library cards really hold up the check-out lines.New cards should be processed at the reference desk.

††††††††††† The reference desk is not an appropriate location for issuing library cards because staff there are answering phones or may be away from the desk helping others as well as assisting patrons with computer sign on and questions.There are 2 check out areas available.Staff ask those who are applying for cards to fill out the application form before getting into line.


6.                  You have flags up but you do not have Nigeria's flag up.Do you know that the United States gets quite a bit of oil from Nigeria?The color of the flag is green white green.Find it and display it.

††††††††††† Flags were loaned to the library from the Midland Community Tennis Center.There was no attempt to represent all countries or to purposely omit any countries.


7.                  This is not a fun place to come to because there is no drive thru book return or tape return, and there is not enough parking.Why can't you have auto opening doors?

††††††††††† Drive through return is being addressed, books on tape can be returned to outside drop, there is sufficient parking on most days, and the library has doors that open by pushing on a pad.


8.                  I'm wondering if it's a wise use of library funds to buy an additional copy of a book after a certain number of holds are placed.Waiting, even a long time, might be appropriate in order to free funds for other uses.I appreciate all the wonderful resources of our "my" library.

††††††††††† Purchasing multiple copies of a title with many holds is a service appreciated by many patrons.Without these extra copies, patrons would have to wait many months before their turn would come up. The copies are heavily used.


9.                  Please try to enlarge the capacity of your tea during National Library Week.I've come for a number of years and was disappointed I couldn't purchase a ticket this year.Is there any way to extend the tables around the upper level?

††††††††††† This was the first year that tickets sold out so quickly.We canít increase the number of attendees because of space and resources.


10.              Please don't put stickers on the audio/CD books where the description is.I want to know what the book is about and I often can't read it.

††††††††††† Staff tries to avoid covering up any pertinent information.On some items, open space is limited.Discontinuing the stickers does not appear to be an option.


11.              Whenever I ask the people who check in books to check them in so I can pay any fines (I know books are late), they always refer me to the checkout desk, even when there are long lines.I only ask when they are already checking in books or just standing around chatting.I don't see why this would be such an imposition.It is their job.

††††††††††† More information is needed.The check-in computer does not provide fine amounts or information about patron accounts.


VII.††††† Old Business


a.†††††††† Board/Community Communications

††††††††††† Barnard reported that we are all set for articles in The Library Connection through the September/October issue.


b.†††††††† Community Read Project

††††††††††† Barnard reported that the next meeting of the committee is next week; the committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

c.†††††††† Cup and Chaucer Coffee Bar Report

††††††††††† McKane is working with the manager of the coffee bar to promote the Cup and Chaucer throughout the Summer Reading Program, including coupons and signs in Youth Services.


d.†††††††† Book Drop/Parking Lot

††††††††††† Barnard and McKane had another meeting with the consultant working on the plan.We have been asked to keep track of the number of items that are put in the outside book return.


e.†††††††† Friends Annual Meeting Review

††††††††††† Heard, Soules, and Brink represented the Board at the Friends Annual Meeting.Heard formally thanked the Friends for their support of library programs.


f.††††††††† Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative

††††††††††† Bush is now a permanent board member of the Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative.Bush also had an orientation session with Cooperative Director Roger Mendel.


††††††††††† The Board received copies of the Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative Strategic Plan and Annual Report.


g.†††††††† Board Vacancy Update

††††††††††† Barnard reported that seven applications have been received for the Board vacancy.City Council will be setting an interview schedule.The term begins on July 1.


h.†††††††† Board Annual Report Committee

††††††††††† Hutter reported that the annual report committee went through last year's goals and all except one have been accomplished in the 2005/2006 year.The report will end with a "looking forward" section of what the Board's plans and goals will be for 2006/2007.Rough drafts of the report will be distributed at the June 21 meeting.


i.††††††††† 2006/2007 City of Midland Budget

††††††††††† Monday, May 22 is the scheduled date for the adoption of the City budget for 2006/2007.Barnard reported that there have not been any changes at this point to the Library budget.


††††††††††† Barnard reported that at the last City Council public hearing, there was discussion about MCTV and the severely proposed cuts.City Council decided to use City funds to keep MCTV running for another year.There will be no reductions in staff if the budget is adopted on Monday.Library Board meetings will continue to be shown live on MGTV.




VIII.†††† New Business


††††††††††† a.†††††††† Nominations Committee

††††††††††† Stein and Soules volunteered to serve as the committee to provide a slate for the chair and vice chair positions for the 2006/2007 year.The committee will report at the June meeting and elections will be held.The new chair and vice chair will take over in July.


IX.†††††† Board Comments


††††††††††† Soules commented on an article she saw regarding and asked the library to consider offering a program on how it works, posting things to the internet, and the cautions that should be taken.


††††††††††† Stein offered her appreciation to Maxine Brink, Library Board member who also serves as Mills Township Clerk.


X.††††††† Adjournment


††††††††††† The meeting of the Library Board adjourned at 8:10 p.m.The next meeting of the Library Board is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall.