Library Board

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers


I.          Roll Call – Stein called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


            PRESENT:       Melissa Barnard, Maxine Brink, Stu Bush, Ann Heard, Cherie Hutter, Kathleen Kinnish, Judy Stein


            ABSENT:        Marilyn Soules


            ALSO PRESENT:       Sarah Galt, Tony Lascari – Midland Daily News, John Palen – Midland Issues


II.         Acceptance of Minutes


            Minutes of the May 17, 2006 meeting were approved as submitted.


III.       Additions or Changes to the Agenda


            There were no additions or changes to the agenda.


IV.       Public Comments


            There were no public comments.


V.        Director's Report


            Barnard reported that the summer reading program is in full swing.  The first program of the summer had a full house in the auditorium for a magic show.  Tonight's program will be a folktale storyteller and Friday night is the ice cream social.


            Barnard reminded Board members to turn in their Michigan Library Association membership forms.


            Bush complimented the Library on the blog set up on the Library's website.


            Barnard said she appreciated the opportunity to speak at the Edenville Township Board meeting.  Brink was thanked for her efforts in having people contact Barnard with their questions.


            Hutter said she knows someone who will be pleased with the adaptive technology computer.  Barnard responded that this computer was purchased with community development block grant money.  The software can enlarge what is on the screen and can also read the screen to the patron.  The computer comes with a large flat screen and the keyboard letters and numbers are large and clear.  This service will be available starting in July. 


            Forty-two teens have volunteered to help with this year's summer reading program.  Teens will be scheduled nearly all of the hours that the library is open, handing out prizes, helping with movies, etc.


            Barnard reported that the air conditioning in the building has been fixed.  The system wasn't working in certain parts of the building; new coils had to be made and installed. 


VI.       Patron Compliments and Concerns


1.                  The new Teen Room was fabulous until you added the TVs.  Maybe the illiteracy rate in America has something to do with this?  I would like to see them removed.

            The televisions have been successful at drawing more teens into the library.  The teens may start by watching the TVs and then move on to books, games, music, etc.  The library does promote reading through programs for teens.


2.                  Thank you for having story time.  My two-year-old loves the interactive songs and books.  I also really like the Cup and Chaucer.  I used it for a drink last week and had great service.


3.                  I would like to request that the library address label and the library barcode not be placed right over the book description on the audio CD books – can't read to determine series order or content.

            Staff tries to avoid covering up any pertinent information.  On some items, open space is limited.  Discontinuing the stickers does not appear to be an option.


4.                  Please consider a new projector for the auditorium.  On two occasions, I have been very disappointed that the projector did not work – recent preschool program and a Matrix movie several years ago.  A wonderful slide show by "Stepping Stones" could not be shown and the movie stopped, started, and sputtered.

            Projector bulb has been replaced recently and equipment tested with no problems reported.


5.                  Everything here is great and so is the coffee.


6.                  You guys are doing a great job – keep it up!



Unsigned compliments and concerns:


1.                  I think it's a great place.


2.                  Great summer programs for kids.


3.                  Every time I use the computers here, there is someone around me surfing porn sites.  There are kids running around and I don't think it's appropriate.

            See Library Board question/answer in the July/August Library Connection newsletter.


4.                  Too hot inside here.

            See number 5.


5.                  Extremely warm in Cup and Chaucer area.  Air conditioning down?  Fans?

            Problems with cooling system equipment have been resolved.


6.                  I can't easily get to MelCat at the library.  The website has a link on the home page but it's not on your computer.  A reference librarian helped me one time, but I didn't remember how to do it and didn't want to bother one again.

            Placing holds on MeLCat from the library’s catalog computers is not possible.  Please see a librarian for assistance.


7.                  A class should be formed on how to operate Photostat-copy machine, especially on the enlarging of a copy.  I've spent $2 worth of change and still don't have the copy enlarged the way I want it.  Unless I call the librarian, I'm lost.

            Users are encouraged to see staff for assistance.


8.                  You should make movie rentals FREE because most other libraries don't charge and so we shouldn't have to either.

            Movie rentals are a source of revenue for the library.


9.                  More technology:  Adobe Photoshop software on all computers, laptops to use on all tables, wireless for laptops – whole library, Quiet Room with wireless for laptops.

            Costs to provide these services must be considered.


10.              Please be aware the placement of the smoking area is in poor taste.  Parents with children often ride to the library and the area is right by the bike rack.  Also, I don't care to have a person stand by my bike while they smoke.  I get a face full coming or going – a poor choice.

            The library is working to comply with the County smoking regulations.


VII.      Old Business


a.         Board/Community Communications

            Kinnish has submitted her article for the July/August issue of The Library Connection.  Heard's contribution for the September/October issue has been received.


b.         Community Read Project

            Heard reported that the committee is working on publicity, brochures, posters, and bookmarks.  The committee is also working on getting together session leaders and places/times for discussion groups.  Discussion groups will be held at the library as well as throughout the community.


            The book title will be announced the second week of October.  Discussions will be held throughout the month. 


c.         Cup and Chaucer Coffee Bar Report

            Barnard reported that she and McKane met with Mike Shea of the Arnold Center.  Because of the minimum wage law that goes into effect this fall, Shea has some real concerns of the operating costs of the Coffee Bar.  It is estimated that it will cost an additional $10,000 per year to run the Coffee Bar.  After discussion, the Board requested that Barnard ask Shea to address the Board with his concerns at the September Board meeting.


d.         Book Drop/Parking Lot

            Barnard reported that the consultant has come up with a number of options and is putting them together for a presentation to Barnard and McKane.


e.         Board Annual Report Committee

            Hutter discussed the draft copy of the annual report.  Hutter highlighted each goal the Board had for the last fiscal year as well as the results of those goals.  Also included in the report are other Board accomplishments  and goals for next year.  The Board agreed to add a goal proactively supporting the Cup and Chaucer Coffee Bar and expanded on the goal addressing communication with the community.  Hutter will make the additions to the report.


            In reference to the goal of the Board applying for and receiving the 2005 State Librarian's Excellence Award, Barnard reported that the money is being used to re-upholster furniture that will be moved to the Mezzanine to create an area for patrons to read, study, and visit.


f.          2006/2007 Library Budget

            Barnard reported that the Library budget was adopted as submitted.  Capital items for 2006/2007 include:

            ¬           Window replacement on the Mezzanine.

¬           Two first-floor rest rooms for the public to be upgraded.

¬           Automated phone notification upgrade.

¬           New theft detection gates.

¬           Replace one of the wall mounted outside book returns.

¬           New vacuum cleaner.

¬           New computer furniture designed for children in Youth Services.

¬           A computer for the Genealogy/local history area.  This computer will be specialized with access to genealogy databases and selected genealogy related websites.  There will be no time limit on this computer.


g.         Nominations Committee Report

            The Board unanimously approved the slate presented by Stein of Judy Stein for chair and Marilyn Soules as vice-chair.


VIII.     New Business


a.         Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative

            Bush attended his first meeting as a representative.  Bush reported that Cooperative Director Roger Mendel believes that funding from co-ops will likely decrease because of funding issues in the State of Michigan.  Bush also commented that Mendel does a lot of workshops, such as millages  and public relations.  The next meeting is in September.


b.         Board Appointment

            Barnard welcomed Sarah Galt as the Board's newest member.  City Council interviewed six candidates.  Orientation will take place next week. 


c.         State Librarian's Visit

            Barnard reported that Roger Mendel contacted her about a visit from the State Librarian, Nancy Robertson.  She is scheduling visits to various libraries in the state and will be in Midland on August 4.  Barnard will let the Board know the time that she will be here and the Board will be invited to meet her.


IX.       Board Comments


            Heard reminded the public that if they submit a patron compliment or concern to put their name and phone number on the form so that they can be answered directly.  Barnard added that some people do mark the box that says they do not need to be contacted.


            Stein thanked Hutter for her dedication and years of service on the Library Board.  Stein also thanked the media, including Midland Daily News, Midland Issues and MCTV for the coverage they give to the Library.


X.        Adjournment


            The meeting of the Library Board adjourned at 8:35 p.m.  The next meeting of the Library Board is scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall.