Library Board

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers


I.          Roll Call – Soules called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


            PRESENT:      Melissa Barnard, Maxine Brink, Stu Bush, Sarah Galt, Ann Heard Kathleen Kinnish, Marilyn Soules


            ALSO PRESENT:      Virginia McKane; John Palen, Midland Issues; Tony Lascari


            ABSENT:       Judy Stein


II.                Acceptance of February 21, 2007 Meeting Minutes


Minutes approved as submitted.


III.             Additions or Changes to the Agenda




IV.       Public Comments




V.        Director's Report


            In addition to information provided in the written report, Barnard reported:

·         The library was asked to participate in a brochure with other Midland organizations that have special programs during Spring Break.  The brochure was distributed at area schools. The Youth Services Department will be showing two movies everyday during Spring break. 

·         Dow Gardens featured the butterfly art exhibit and activities at the library in their spring schedule.  The butterfly display and crafts in the Youth Services area are in conjunction with the Dow Gardens Butterfly Exhibit.

·         Valley Library Consortium, the organization that supports and maintains the library’s automated circulation system, discovered mistakes in the statistics reported for January 2007.  They are reviewing the figures and will issue a new report. Revised statistics will be available in April.


Soules noted the Friends of the Library’s Annual Meeting is Wednesday, May 23, and if any board members could attend it would be appreciated.







VI.       Patron Compliments and Concerns.


Signed Compliments and Concerns



1.      I would like you to continue the books on tape.  They are so nice to use, to carry.  Especially when walking, doing my work around the house.

      Vendors are phasing out books on tape in favor of new technologies, books on CD and MP3. 


2.      The books on CD skip on high and are not as easy as the tapes.

      Vendors are phasing out books on tape in favor of new technologies, books on CD and MP3. 


3.      This library needs to use paper or recycled paper cups in the café.  Styrofoam cups are non-recyclable.  American’s throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups every year.  In 500 years, all those cups will still be sitting in the Midland landfill.  I learned these facts today in the library.

      Comment referred to Cup and Chaucer Coffee Bar staff.


4.      As a Midland resident for the last 30 years, raised two daughters in the Midland Public School system – THANK YOU for the Black History display!!! Very much appreciated.


5.      Is there a possibility of shortening the time allowed to display in the display cases?  Seeing as they are so popular and it would allow more organizations to display.

      There is not usually a problem accommodating requests to use the display case.  A waiting list is kept if necessary. Individuals and organizations spend considerable time installing their displays so shorten display time may effect quality and interest.


6.      How about giving credit towards Cup & Chaucer when paying late fees? For instance, my son just paid $15 in late fees.  It would help C&C if you gave $5 gift card for each late fee of $10 or over. (This is just an example) Diverts some of the late fee income, but would be helpful to their operations.  Keep up the great work!

      Fines collected contribute to the operating funds of the library.  The coffee bar is an operation of the Arnold Center.




Unsigned compliments and concerns:


1.      I looked up a book by author because I didn’t know the title.  I would have recognized the title but it gave 187 choices. I looked at about 50 and even found some titles and authors with no name/word connected to the author (that I could   discern).  All I can say in with this kind of a system, you’d have to keep lots of reference librarians available.

      The catalog searching tabs will be relabeled to clarify types of searches.


2.      Crafty Readers should be twice a month.  Kids love it.

      Crafty Readers is now repeated 3 times a month to meet demand.  Waiting lists are still necessary.  There are no plans to add another new Crafty Readers program each month.


VIII.    Old Business


            a.         Board/Community Communications

                        Heard has turned in her “Did You Know” article for the July/August issue. Kinnish will be submitting an article for the September/October issue.


b.                  Book Drop/Parking Lot

No report.  Barnard noted that the next committee meeting is at the end of April.


c.                   Cup and Chaucer Coffee bar

No Report


d.                  Community Communication Committee, Board Goal 2

Lincoln Township has been selected for the test mailing of the informational postcard approved by the Board.  Larry Hughes, Township Clerk, has offered to provide mailing information.  The postcards will be sent out in early to mid April.  Barnard also noted that Edenville Township has invited her to submit an article about the library for their newsletter.


e.                   State Librarian’s Town Hall Meeting

Barnard reminded the Board that the meeting will be held Monday, April 2, at the library.  Heard, Brink and Soules will be attending.


f.                   Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative Board

Bush stated that he was unable to attend the last meeting.  The Cooperative’s annual dinner meeting is May 17.  All Board members are welcome to attend.


g.                  Expiring Terms of Board Members

Barnard announced that board members Kinnish and Brink are seeking re-appointment, however Heard will not be seeking another term.  Heard explained that sharing the Board MPS position with other staff would benefit the Board and the library.  The Board thanked Heard for her contributions.  Barnard reviewed the next steps City Council will take for the reappointments. 


IX.       New Business


            a.  City of Midland 2007-2008 Budget Process

Barnard reviewed the budget process and the dates of work sessions leading up to final budget adoption on May 21st. 


b.      Board Annual Report Committee

Soules asked for volunteers to serve on the Annual Report Committee. Bush, Kinnish and Heard volunteered.


Barnard distributed copies of the City Council’s goals for 2007 and suggested that the report incorporate these goals in reviewing this year’s accomplishments and setting goals for 2007-2008.


In response to questions, Barnard noted there is not a set deadline to submit the report to Council but traditionally the report has been approved at the July Library Board meeting.  Bush commented that it would be feasible to have highlights done by the April meeting and the rough draft for the May meeting.  The format of the report would be up to the committee.


X.        Board Comments

            Souls commented on the promotion of the baseball team with upcoming events and speakers at the library and other Midland organizations.


XI.      Adjournment

                        Brink moved and Soules seconded to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting

                        adjourned at 7:37 p.m.  The next meeting of the Library Board is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18, 2007 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall.