Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Library Board


Wednesday, October 21, 2009 7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers



      I.                        Roll Call

Galt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


PRESENT: Melissa Barnard, Maxine Brink, Sarah Galt, Tami Johnson, Kathleen Kinnish, Norm Neher, Suzanne Phillips


ALSO PRESENT: Wendy Shields, Technical Secretary; Virginia McKane, Assistant Director; John Palen, Midland Issues; Marty Wazbinski, City Council candidate


   II.                        Acceptance of September 16, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved with changes.


 III.                        Additions or Changes to the Agenda



IV.                        Public Comments



   V.                        Director’s Report

Barnard added to the report that approximately 200 people attended the Great Michigan Read author presentation on Thursday, October 15th.  This program was sponsored by the Michigan Humanities Council.  Kinnish commented that she attended the Great Michigan Read author presentation as well as the author reception at the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio.


Phillips said that she enjoyed the One Book, One Community author presentation and reception.  She complimented the Library and thanked the staff for a wonderful program.


Galt and Kinnish both attended the Friends of the Library Used Book Sale.  The next book sale will be in February, 2010.


VI.                        Patron Compliments and Concerns


1.      Just a suggestion for your website – as far as logging in to check my account, etc. I have to enter my number (ID) each and every time.  Is there a way for you to add the option to remember my ID?  It’s not like our login numbers are short ones – they are pretty long.  Thanks!

The setting to remember series of numbers on a web page needs to be entered on individual computers.  On the toolbar go to Tools and Internet options.

2.      Our family, especially my granddaughter, was disappointed that the library did not participate in the “Tourist in our Town” event last weekend.  She loved the event.

The library was unable to participate because of staff and programming reductions to this year’s budget.

3.      Why do you always have your speakers on a Thursday evening?  That is choir night for most churches in Midland.

Program dates are determined by the availability of speakers.



1.      Please do ask people to waste their time online applying for a temporary library card when it doesn’t work.

Registration must be completed in person, at the library, within 30 days of submitting the online application request for the card to remain active.

2.      Your librarians are always so helpful and patient with my multitude of questions.  I appreciate them so much.  Blessings to all.

3.      I love the flowers outside.  The community read event is wonderful, too.

4.      Tonight, and the previous night, while using the library’s laptop in the nonfiction section, the wireless would cut out every five minutes.  It was virtually unusable.  Please correct this situation, as many people depend on the library’s wireless services.

Staff followed troubleshooting procedures.  Problem was resolved.


VII.                        Old Business

a.    Board/Community Communications

Kinnish complimented staff on the book choice for the One Book, One Community program stating that she has heard very positive comments about the book.  Barnard announced there will be a video of the author’s presentation available for check out soon.  Videos of the Great Michigan Read author presentation as well as the upcoming PBS American Experience film, The Polio Crusade, will also be available at a future date. 


                  b.   Library Board 2008-2009 Annual Report

Barnard announced that City Council received the Annual Report at their October 5, 2009 meeting.  The report is now posted on the library’s website.


c.       Library Board Goal Development, 2009-2010

A draft of the Library Board Goals was included in the packets.  The Board reviewed and discussed each goal individually.  The following is the revised draft to be reviewed and presented for approval at the November meeting.












Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Library Board Proposed Goals 2009-2010



1.  Review emerging trends and demographics in Midland community and evaluate impact on current and future library programs.


Action Plans
        a)  Compile demographic study leveraging existing data from City of Midland and other sources.
        b)  Present demographic report to library board
        c)  Evaluate results and determine appropriate actions
        d)  Write future goals as necessary in response to study

Board Members:  Norm Neher, Suzanne Phillips

2.  Market library to the community by increasing awareness of library with the goal to achieve sustained usage of the library and attendance at library events. Measurements for the goal are library statistics, newspaper mentions, and frequency of individual member actions.


Action Plans

a)      Members write letters to local newspapers (including college) to highlight services and programs, especially during National Library Week

b)      Invite library staff to three Library Board meetings between January and June 2010 to present members & public with information on services, holdings, programs and events

c)      Solicit input from Teen Advisory Board about other techniques and forums

d)     Each member distribute general and event library information (Library Connection, flyers, bookmarks, etc) to selected audience

e)      Each member extend invitations to a cadre of friends and acquaintances


Board Members:  Sarah Galt, Marilyn Soules           


3.  To work with library staff in nominating the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library as Library of the Year, by the April 15, 2010 deadline, to include the following information in the application:



Board Members:  Maxine Brink, Tami Johnson, Kathleen Kinnish  



VIII.                        New Business

a.       Library Strategic Plan Review

Barnard reviewed the goals on the 2009-2010 Strategic Plan that have current action items.  The Board complimented the staff on this impressive road map.


IX.                        Board Announcements

Johnson mentioned the upcoming Battle of the Books program for fourth and fifth grade students.  McKane noted that this is the 31st year for the program. 


   X.                        Adjournment

Brink moved to adjourn.  Johnson seconded.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.